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Kozo in Hong Kong - Page 3 - The Fulltime Killer tour
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O's Home in Fulltime Killer
The Webmaster was walking around Central and came across the below building, which happens to be a location for Johnnie To's Fulltime Killer. It's the apartment building where mysterious assassin O (Takashi Sorimachi) keeps his multiple residences. The photos on the left were taken by the Webmaster's handy digital camera. The pictures on the right are actual screenshots from the movie.

Really, it's the same location. This is not a hoax! However, is this a big deal? Probably not. But we think it's cool, anyway. 

That lone building in the back is where Tok (Andy Lau) fired at the cops with his sniper rifle.

Miss Chin's Day Job
Right next to the Central Mid-Level Escalators is the Hollywood Video Club, which doubled for the video store which Miss Chin (Kelly Lin) worked at. The store's sign is never visible in the film, but the walkway, hand railing, and air conditioner are all the same. Yay.

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