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Box Office News and Numbers: July 20th, 2009


Johnnie To’s VENGEANCE is indeed hitting the screens in Hong Kong on August 20th.  For more information, you can check out the official English-language website at:

In answer to the question by EverSoFine from Coming Soon: Release Dates for Upcoming HK Movies about availability in the United States, it’s impossible to say when foreign films will get a theatrical release in the United States.  Sometimes, they are released within weeks.  Other times, it may take years for a foreign film to reach American shores.  It all depends on distribution deals and so forth.

Most times, the DVD of a Hong Kong film should be easily available to people in North America at a local Chinese video store or an online merchant like YesAsia.  Generally speaking, you can get your hands on the HK DVD of a film within a couple of months of the HK theatrical release.


Bad word of mouth didn’t stop MURDERER in its tracks because, as of July 16th, it has made HK$7.68 million (33 screens, 9 days in theatres).  WRITTEN BY, the new Wai Ka-Fai/Lau Ching-Wan effort, has taken in HK$2.59 million (20 screens, 9 days).   On its way out, appearing on only a handful of screens, SHORT OF LOVE has earned HK$3.76 million from 21 days in theatres.

As it was everywhere else it was released, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE was the top-grossing release in HK last week.

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