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Archive for the ‘Athena Chu Yan’ Category

About Gillian, On HKSAR’s 12th Birthday

I know I’m a few minutes late — I got home after midnight because the holiday fireworks show was scheduled to start at 10:15 pm but didn’t get going until just before 11 pm.  Be that as it may, Happy Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day everybody!

And to my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day!

A news post featuring Gillian Chung today starting with this link:

Gillian Chung Returns to Work with Pride

* * * * *

Gillian Chung is returning to the stage just not for a concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum.  At a press conference on June 23rd, it was announced that EEG is producing a run of the award-winning Neil Simon stage play I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES.  The play tells the story of an aspiring actress who re-unites with the screenwriter father who abandoned her sixteen years ago.  Chung will play the aspiring actress while veteran stage actor Chan Suk-Yi plays the father.  Veteran stage actress Siu Mei-Kwan (you may remember her from an appearance in SIMPLY ACTORS) plays the father’s love interest.

Chung, who has never done live theatre, told reporters that she is feeling an immense amount of pressure because her part is thick with lines and the nature of a live show means an actor cannot make mistakes.

On the other hand, she revealed that she is looking forward to working with two veteran actors whom she has long admired because she can learn from them.

The rest of the article contains that nonsense about the botox injections to her “elephant legs”.


EEG, sadly, is not paying me to post the last link.  I’m doing it for the benefit of faithful reader Glenn who is making a trip to HK in August.  I’m sure he wants the opportunity to have some, uh, pictures taken with Ah Gil. :-)


Bobo Chan emerges from the dark

To me, Bobo Chan is the biggest victim of this mess.  She wasn’t even in the entertainment circle when the scandal hit.  She parlayed her fame into an engagement with a rich dude but lost it because of the pictures and is now a nail salon owner.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being a nail salon owner but if you had to choose between small business owner and rich dude’s wife, wouldn’t you pick rich dude’s wife?


Joey Yung shoots another ad for Broadway


Athena Chu, Gigi Leung Wing-Kei and Rain Li Choi-Wah

Chu, Leung and Li join William So Wing-Hong and Ella Koon at the Dragon Bowling centre for a charity bowling event for the Yan Oi Tong charity fund.

Sorry, I’m not going into this article any further because it hurts too much, too damn much, for me to read about Athena Chu ever since she eschewed my love, MY LOVE, for that rapscallion Paul Wong.  What does he have that I don’t have?  Talent, pffft.  Fame, pschaw.  A celebrated career, hrmpph.  I could understand when she spurned me for Stephen Chow but Paul Wong?  Paul freakin’ Wong?

EDITORIAL NOTE FROM SANNEY’S KOZO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP MANAGER MANNY KOK:  To the legal representatives of Paul Wong and Athena Chu, I’m confident that Mr. Leung is merely being facetious for humourous affect.  Quite simply, he thinks he’s being funny.  No need to initiate proceedings for a restraining order.  Then again, Mr. Leung does have that shrine to Ms. Chu in his bedroom.

EDITORIAL RESPONSE FROM SANNEY: Uh, that’s a shrine to the Greek Goddess Athena.  Yeah … that’s right … the Greek Goddess Athena.  And what the hell were YOU doing in my bedroom Manny?


Gaile Lok:

Lin Chi-Ling at a promotional event for Pantene

Apparently, Pantene didn’t have the money to pay the appearance fee for Lin Chi-Ling’s legs as they were kept mostly under wraps.

Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam

Still gettin’ it done, Rosamund Kwan attends Emmanuel Lejeune’s Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show.

Lynn Xiong and Angelababy were celebrity guests at a model search event


Michael Jackson

Photos of Michael Jackson (circa 1987) during a brief visit to TVB Studios.  The photo of Jackson and Fiona Leung Pui-Ling (aka Leung Ngai-Ling) is totally surreal.

Ge You poses for the Chinese edition of Harper’s Bazaar


How Confucianism could curb global warming

LA TIMES: How would we have reacted if TMZ had been wrong about Michael Jackson’s death?

Still not giving credit where credit is due.  Admit it, TMZ got the scoop.  They beat out the LA Times and CNN.  This article is nothing but a whole lot of “Yeah, but …”. Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen