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Archive for the ‘Catherine Hung Yan’ Category

Whatever Happened To … Catherine Hung Yan

Catherine Hung YanCatherine Hung Yan — who you may remember from co-starring in the 1993 TVB series THE LEGENDARY RANGER with Leon Lai, Michelle Ries and Faye Wong — will be marrying her fiance Mainland actor Zhang Danfeng later this month.  In May, the couple went on location in Vietnam to shoot ads for a bridal shop.  Accompanied by a crew of seven, Hung and Zhang spent three days in Dalat and Mui Ne looking romantic.

Hung, who has an eight year-old son with actor Max Mok Siu-Chun, revealed that her fiance and her son get along famously. Hung: “He really loves my son. They get along together very well. Recently, he was teaching my son how to ride a bike. He was really considerate and patient when he was doing it so my son really likes him.”

After her run as a minor “it girl”, Hung has focused primarily on modeling, B-movies and ATV/Taiwan/Mainland TV co-productions. She has appeared in ads for S&H Cosmetics, movies like SALON BEAUTY and MARKET’S ROMANCE as well as dramas like THE YOUNG PRIME MINISTER LITTLE KAM LAW and THE MISCHIEVOUS PRINCESS.


Image credit: Xinhua Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen