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Archive for the ‘Bobo Chan Man-Woon’ Category

About Gillian, On HKSAR’s 12th Birthday

I know I’m a few minutes late — I got home after midnight because the holiday fireworks show was scheduled to start at 10:15 pm but didn’t get going until just before 11 pm.  Be that as it may, Happy Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day everybody!

And to my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day!

A news post featuring Gillian Chung today starting with this link:

Gillian Chung Returns to Work with Pride

* * * * *

Gillian Chung is returning to the stage just not for a concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum.  At a press conference on June 23rd, it was announced that EEG is producing a run of the award-winning Neil Simon stage play I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES.  The play tells the story of an aspiring actress who re-unites with the screenwriter father who abandoned her sixteen years ago.  Chung will play the aspiring actress while veteran stage actor Chan Suk-Yi plays the father.  Veteran stage actress Siu Mei-Kwan (you may remember her from an appearance in SIMPLY ACTORS) plays the father’s love interest.

Chung, who has never done live theatre, told reporters that she is feeling an immense amount of pressure because her part is thick with lines and the nature of a live show means an actor cannot make mistakes.

On the other hand, she revealed that she is looking forward to working with two veteran actors whom she has long admired because she can learn from them.

The rest of the article contains that nonsense about the botox injections to her “elephant legs”.


EEG, sadly, is not paying me to post the last link.  I’m doing it for the benefit of faithful reader Glenn who is making a trip to HK in August.  I’m sure he wants the opportunity to have some, uh, pictures taken with Ah Gil. :-)


Bobo Chan emerges from the dark

To me, Bobo Chan is the biggest victim of this mess.  She wasn’t even in the entertainment circle when the scandal hit.  She parlayed her fame into an engagement with a rich dude but lost it because of the pictures and is now a nail salon owner.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being a nail salon owner but if you had to choose between small business owner and rich dude’s wife, wouldn’t you pick rich dude’s wife?


Joey Yung shoots another ad for Broadway


Athena Chu, Gigi Leung Wing-Kei and Rain Li Choi-Wah

Chu, Leung and Li join William So Wing-Hong and Ella Koon at the Dragon Bowling centre for a charity bowling event for the Yan Oi Tong charity fund.

Sorry, I’m not going into this article any further because it hurts too much, too damn much, for me to read about Athena Chu ever since she eschewed my love, MY LOVE, for that rapscallion Paul Wong.  What does he have that I don’t have?  Talent, pffft.  Fame, pschaw.  A celebrated career, hrmpph.  I could understand when she spurned me for Stephen Chow but Paul Wong?  Paul freakin’ Wong?

EDITORIAL NOTE FROM SANNEY’S KOZO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP MANAGER MANNY KOK:  To the legal representatives of Paul Wong and Athena Chu, I’m confident that Mr. Leung is merely being facetious for humourous affect.  Quite simply, he thinks he’s being funny.  No need to initiate proceedings for a restraining order.  Then again, Mr. Leung does have that shrine to Ms. Chu in his bedroom.

EDITORIAL RESPONSE FROM SANNEY: Uh, that’s a shrine to the Greek Goddess Athena.  Yeah … that’s right … the Greek Goddess Athena.  And what the hell were YOU doing in my bedroom Manny?


Gaile Lok:

Lin Chi-Ling at a promotional event for Pantene

Apparently, Pantene didn’t have the money to pay the appearance fee for Lin Chi-Ling’s legs as they were kept mostly under wraps.

Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam

Still gettin’ it done, Rosamund Kwan attends Emmanuel Lejeune’s Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show.

Lynn Xiong and Angelababy were celebrity guests at a model search event


Michael Jackson

Photos of Michael Jackson (circa 1987) during a brief visit to TVB Studios.  The photo of Jackson and Fiona Leung Pui-Ling (aka Leung Ngai-Ling) is totally surreal.

Ge You poses for the Chinese edition of Harper’s Bazaar


How Confucianism could curb global warming

LA TIMES: How would we have reacted if TMZ had been wrong about Michael Jackson’s death?

Still not giving credit where credit is due.  Admit it, TMZ got the scoop.  They beat out the LA Times and CNN.  This article is nothing but a whole lot of “Yeah, but …”.

Thoughts on IT HAD TO BE YOU

As my hot flight attendant girlfriend is away (probably out two-timing me), I’ve got nothing to do but walk Tobias, my imaginary dog, come home, make some horribly expensive coffee, put on a Faye Wong CD and cook myself some instant noodles after putting on a wig and my late wife’s dress. With all that done, I have some time on my hands to share some thoughts on IT HAD TO BE YOU.


Directors: Andrew Lo Wang-Hin, Maurice Li Ming-Man
Cast: Karena Lam Ka-Yan (Jill), Ekin Cheng Yi-Kin (Jack), Eric Tsang Chi-Wai (Jason), Harvey Hu Bing (Chi On), Bobo Chan Man-Woon (Grace), Nicola Cheung Sun-Yu (Moon), Kiki Sheung Tin-Ngor (Jill’s Mom)

PRE-CONCEIVED NOTIONS: After watching a slate of “Chinese epics made for the international market”, a depressing Ann Hui film and a decent attempt at a classic HK action film, I was ready for something light. My OMNI-2 “Super Cinema Night” recording of IT HAD TO BE YOU seemed to fit the bill. IT HAD TO BE YOU is an UFO film so you have to expect a star-studded cast, interesting characters, a solid story, great production values and a glossy urban setting. After all, UFO is responsible for some films that I look back upon fondly: HE AIN’T HEAVY, HE’S MY FATHER (a classic starring the two Tony Leungs), LOST AND FOUND and the under-appreciated AND I HATE YOU SO. Of course, UFO has had their share of misfires — like TWELVE NIGHTS and LAVENDER — but, generally speaking, the UFO label means quality HK romance/drama just like the Milkyway label means quality HK action/drama.

AFTER THE MOVIE: IT HAD TO BE YOU turned out to be one of those middling films that’s somewhat disappointing but not particularly vexing. It doesn’t lend itself to penetrating analysis so, instead of a full-blown review, I’m just going to write some bullet points on stuff I liked and didn’t like then wrap everything up with a few words.


- Karena Lam Ka-Yan doing the cute schtick. If you like Karena Lam and you enjoy watching actresses doing the cute schtick then this is the film for you. From beginning to end, Lam has the “pedal to the metal” on the cute accelerator. This means, of course, that if you don’t like the cute schtick, then Karena Lam’s performance is going to grate on you. More on this later …

- Ekin Cheng Yi-Kin turns in a solid performance. As Kozo over at LoveHKFilm points out in his review, ol’ Noodle sheds his usual “thirtysomething teenager” persona for a mature, level-headed guy persona. This is a welcome development as “Mr. Badminton” turns 40 (40!) this year and watching him continue to play overgrown teenagers would be as disconcerting as watching Kevin Spacey, great as he is, play a twentysomething Bobby Darin in BEYOND THE SEA.

- Kiki Sheung Tin-Ngor gives a nice performance as Jill’s Mom. One thing about UFO Films, there are always some solid supporting characters and Kiki Sheung’s role is no different. By making Sheung’s character deaf, the filmmakers allowed for a nice variation on the typical “leading lady’s Mom” character. You’re probably tired of hearing me say this but seeing Kiki Sheung play a Mom in this film makes me feel old since I used to watch her play hot girl roles in 1980s TVB series.

After some time away, Sheung has rejoined TVB and can currently be seen with Cecilia Yip Tung, David Chiang Dai-Wai and Sheren Teng Sui-Man in the TVB series THE FAMILY LINK (師奶兵團). The series is being billed as a Hong Kong version of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

- Bobo Chan Man-Woon makes a noble bid to join the likes of Kitty Ting Hao (THE GREATEST CIVIL WAR ON EARTH) and Valerie Chow Ka-Ling (CHUNGKING EXPRESS) in the Hong Kong Movie Hot Flight Attendants Hall of Fame. Lost in the crowd of young HK starlets, Chan retired from the entertainment circle in 2006. As evidenced by her role in this film and her ad for the MTR, it’s too bad because I thought she had an air of maturity to her that gave her a leg up on the bubbly, girly-girl types. For example, I wouldn’t scoff at the idea of Chan playing a lawyer like I would, did, when I heard Gillian Chung Yan-Tung was playing one in 49 DAYS. In case you were wondering, Chan is currently on a path taken by many of her HK starlet predecessors: involved in a relationship with some rich, business-type guy.


- Karena Lam doing the cute schtick. Like the fine line between love and hate and the fine line between genius and insanity, there’s a fine line between endearing and annoying. In this film, Karena Lam not only crosses that line, she leaves it a speck in the horizon of her rear-view mirror. When you combine the overdone cute act with character quirks like her penchant for charades and her imaginary dog Fluffy, her character loses the sympathy that a leading lady in a romance film needs. Instead of feeling bad for Jill’s plight as “the other woman”, all you’re thinking is that she’s a ditzy dope who deserves to be in the situation that she finds herself in.

- Ideas and setups that fizzle instead of sizzle. In addition to setting the cute meter for Karena Lam’s character at 100, IT HAD TO BE YOU is filled with plot points and setups that are intended to add charm and romance to the film but are so clearly calculated that it kills the mood instead of enhancing it. The three biggest offenders are:

  • Jill’s imaginary dog. This bit really hurts the credibility of the Jill character and the damage that it does isn’t worth the payoff at the end.

  • A sequence where Jack and Jill, unbeknownst to the other, sing to a Faye Wong at the same time. The scene is intended to show the audience that the two belong together because they have some sort of great cosmic synchronicity but, by this point in the film, everyone knows that already. As a result, it ends up being a piece of cinematic verbosity that disrupts the momentum of the movie.
  • Eric Tsang Chi-Wai’s character in drag. This bit is supposed to set up Jack and Jill for an Oprah “Moment of Enlightenment”™ about life and love but it’s too forced and strained for it to be meaningful.

Just as every magic trick has a pledge, a turn and a prestige, every romantic comedy has a situation, a complication and, hopefully, a post-romantic comedy afterglow (a term coined by an old girlfriend from my university days describing the “toasty warm” feeling you get after a good romantic comedy). IT HAD TO BE YOU has an imaginative situation (two people who can be labeled the “third party” in a romantic triangle) but the complications are too laboured and contrived to amount to any post-romantic comedy afterglow. With Ekin Cheng, Karena Lam, Harvey Hu Bing, Nicola Cheung Sun-Yu and Bobo Chan in the cast, it’s a good film for stargazing but if you are hoping to get a romantic buzz, you’re better off looking elsewhere.


- When I used to eat French Fries, I liked them without ketchup. I usually ate them with some salt and some pepper. I’d always thought that slathering ketchup on a fry smothered the taste of potato making eating fries meaningless. I mean, would you listen to an iPod while you’re sitting in a theatre watching a movie?

Anyway, what does this portend for my love life? Does it mean that I actually don’t want love in my life? I guess I’ll have to head over to Temple Street some day and consult a fortune teller.

- Fire Lee Ka-Wing plays a character named “Fatty”. I hope it’s not because people think he’s fat but because Lam Chi-Chung (or someone of similar proportion) was originally cast for this role and the powers-that-be were too lazy to change the character’s name after Lam dropped out.

- The greatly under-appreciated CRAZY N’ THE CITY must have made a deeper impression on me than I thought because once I saw Yan Ng Yat-Yin, I half-expected Chloe Chiu Suet-Fei to pop up on the screen. I have an OMNI-2 recording of COCKTAIL (the Hong Kong movie, not the Tom Cruise one) lying around somewhere. It has both Chloe Chiu and Bobo Chan in it. I think that’s next up on the queue.

- Seeing Nicola Cheung Sun-Yu made me look up what’s she been up to since I got put on the DL. With no movie or TV credits since 2005, there are reports that she got a day job and supplements her income by doing ads and showing up at store openings and promotional events. There are also reports that she’s going to marry her rich boyfriend in October or November 2007. Then again, there’s also a report of her rich boyfriend out on the town with another woman.

- From the “Learn Something New Every Day” File: Lo Meng, my favourite entertainment circle muscle man, has an English name — Turbo. Jet, obviously, was already taken.

Image Credits: United Filmmakers Organization (IT HAD TO BE YOU), Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd. (THE GREATEST CIVIL WAR ON EARTH), Jet Tone Production (CHUNGKING EXPRESS) Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen