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… On this day, I see clearly, everything has come to life.

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Happy Year of the Ox

恭喜發財﹗ 恭喜發財﹗Kung Hei Fat Choi!  Kung Hei Fat Choi!  Welcome to Year 4707 and the Year of the Ox!

With the tough economic times in mind, here’s my Lunar New Year wish for all of you:

Lunar New Year Wish For 4707

That’s all for today.  I do have some thoughts about the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards and its decision to list THREE KINGDOMS: RESURRECTION OF THE DRAGON as one of its recommended films but today is Lunar New Year not Festivus so I’ll leave the “airing of grievances” for another time.

Something new for the new year … I added a “What’s Sanney Watching?” widget to the sidebar.  Just trying to add a little more nonsense to the blog.

新年快樂﹗ Happy New Year!

6 Responses to “Happy Year of the Ox”

  1. Lester Says:

    Hi Sanney! Happy New Year to you too.

    So what were granny’s wise words this year?


  2. YTSL Says:

    Hi Sanney –

    Happy new year of the Ox to you too. Also, glad to find out that you’ve seen THE WAY WE ARE and love it too. :)

  3. laicheukpan Says:

    Hey Sanney! Happy New Year! I got a question for you. Are you fluent in Cantonese?

  4. Glenn Says:

    Happy New Year and echoing YTSL’s comments about Way We Are.

    And Throwdown for that matter. How did you not see this until now?

    And where did you find Sanshiro Sugata? Given the way Criterion puts out anything by Kurosawa in the U.S., it’s a bit odd that those two films are hard to find in any decent version with English subtitles; I’m a Kurosawa fan and I’ve still not seen them.

  5. V Says:

    Happy New Year to you, Sanney!

    Your new year wish is very beautiful. Did you make it yourself?

  6. Alex L. Says:

    Happy New Year to you, Sanney!

    I see you like Hustle. You should check out a new show called Leverage. It’s like American Hustle. Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen