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News Links: March 24th, 2009

Many, many links to get to so no nonsense from me today …


Hollywood Reporter Feature: 100 years of Hong Kong cinema

Raymond Wong Bak-Ming: Golden age of HK cinema may show again, says producer

Hong Kong film market thrives


Jackie Chan on why he’s given up kung-fu films + review of his new film Shinjuku Incident

New York Times: Jackie Chan Movie Kicks Off Hong Kong Film Festival

Jackie Chan lends star power to hometown festival

Red Carpet: HK Film Festival Open Night

Xinhua photos from opening night

Wall Street Journal: Scenes from Hong Kong’s Filmart

Hong Kong Filmart: Forum bids looser China pic policy

Filmart focus on China

Q&A: HKIFF executive director Soo-wei Shaw


DARK OCTOBER renamed BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS: Cinema Popular unveils $23m historical epic Bodyguards & Assassins, Light Shed on ‘Bodyguards’

Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung’s new project: Hong Kong’s 852 Films begins production on first feature Dream Home

Jeff Lau’s latest: In ‘Cyborg,’ Robots Fight Right

IP MAN 2 News: Jay Chou loses role as Bruce Lee

3-D shock and awe from Pang brothers

Zhang Yimou lines up black comedy with Zhao Bensan

EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN sequel in the works (I hate to say it but this feels like a stinker already.  Vegetarian chef?  Earthquakes?  Yeesh.  Call the movie something else and forget about trying to glom on to the legacy of EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN.)

Dayyan Eng enlists Daniel Wu, Gong Beibi for Inseparable

ASIAN FILM AWARDS: Zhou Xun Crowned at Asian Film Awards

Hollywood Reporter: Japanese films dominate Asian Film Awards

Screen Daily: Japanese cinema triumphs at Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong

AFP: Japan shines at Asian Film Awards

Associated Press: ‘Tokyo Sonata’ best film at Asian Film Awards

Photos: Xinhua Photo Gallery, Photo Gallery, Fan Bing Bing, Michelle Yeoh, Brigitte Lin (Lin, still gettin’ it done in her 50s, was on hand to present a lifetime achievement/contribution award to Tsui Hark and his wife Nansun Shi.)

Korean Western top contender at Asian Film Awards (Always fun to see what people thought before the awards.)


Stephen Chow target of criticisms once again

Jackie Chan in Taiwan to promote Shinjuku Incident

Jackie Chan reveals past relationship with Teresa Tang

Andy Lau marrying Carol Chu in April?

Maggie Cheung left Hong Kong to avoid old flame?

Zhang Ziyi on cover of sex disc

Stage Set for “Big Four” of Chinese Pop

NANKING! NANKING!: China OKs Rape of Nanking pics, Stills from NANKING! NANKING!

Jayme Ong: Laidback bride

Harlem Yu to announce divorce


Gillian Chung provides youths with Food for Thought

Gillian Chung arrives in China with Edison Chen’s father

Photos: Gillian Chung hawks jeans in Beijing

TV host reveals inside story of Cecilia Cheung’s interview

Tse couple offer photos for charity


Q&A: Jaycee Chan

APA Top Ten: Leslie Cheung’s Heartbreaker Roles


Screen Daily review of DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION

Wen Wei Po review of CLAUSTROPHOBIA


Zhang Ziyi poses for “Lohas” Magazine

Nic Tse performs in Beijing

Karen Mok photo shoot

Li Bing Bing promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle


Hollywood CATCHES Bollywood FEVER

I-Sis Trio: No mini skirts for them

Herman Li: Headbangers love this HK-born guitarist

Skynet/The Cylons one step closer to taking over humanity

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  1. Neo Says:

    Just want to say, I am very appreciative of your efforts on this site. The links for news are incredibly interesting and useful to keep up to date of HK Cinema. Keep up the good work! cheers mate Copyright © 2002-2018 Ross Chen