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Cherie Chung Follow-up

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, East Weekly reported that a comeback was in the cards for retired actress Cherie Chung Chor-Hung because of some “financial difficulty”.  Here are some more details:

In 2004, Chung’s late husband Mike Chu Ka-Ding made an investment in a resort project located on Bali’s Lebih Beach.   Construction started that year but is still not complete because of various issues like bureaucratic delays (allegedly “payoffs”).   According to East Weekly, Chung and her husband sold their home on Shouson Hill Road in 2005 to get an extra HK$30 million to invest in the project.  Apparently, Chung is in danger of losing the entire investment if the project is not completed soon.  An East Weekly reporter dispatched to Bali noted that the resort was partly-finished and that no construction activity has taken place since 2008.

Reportedly, Chung is working to find additional investors for the project.   One other potential source of revenue is the entertainment circle.   East Weekly reports that Willie Chan Chi-Keung, Chung’s old manager, has repeatedly encouraged her to make a comeback.  According to friends close to Chung, she has not ruled out the idea and is strongly considering it now that she is in need of funds for her Bali investment.

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