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News Links: Easter Sunday 2009

Happy Easter everybody!


Many splendoured films

Feature from The Australian about famous Hong Kong film locations


Carrie Ng at the press event.Making her first acting appearance since the television series MOON FAIRY (奔月) in 2003, Carrie Ng Ka-Lai started work recently on the French-HK co-production LES NUITS ROUGES DU BOURREAU DE JADE (trans. RED NIGHTS OF THE JADE TORTURER).  Written by the team of Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud, the film is a CAT-III thriller set in the world of Chinese Opera.  Co-starring with Ng are Law Kar-Ying, Maria Chan Chai-Ping and TVB star Stephen Wong Cheung-Hing (Wong blogged about the movie on his official TVB blog).

Speaking to reporters at a press event for the film, Ng — who hasn’t appeared in a Hong Kong film since GLASS TEARS in 2001 — was asked what it was like to comeback to the entertainment circle.  Ng: “I’ve been focusing on the Mainland market these past few years so you can’t really call this a comeback.  I’m doing this because it’s a very intriguing role.  I play a beautiful, refined rich woman who’s addicted to drugs and has a pathological need to kill people.  It’s a CAT-III film but there aren’t any love scenes.  If I keep getting good roles and good scripts, I’ll keep acting in Hong Kong.”

When reporters remarked that Ng looked great, she replied: “Really?  I let myself balloon up to 140 pounds but it was bad for my health so I cut out carbs and got myself back down to 110 pounds.”

Noting that the production was more French than Chinese, Ng was asked if she was being paid in euros.  Ng: “I wish but the script is good and the role is a challenge so I really don’t care how I’m paid.”

Carbon and Courtiaud were the writers behind RUNNING OUT OF TIME and RUNNING OUT OF TIME 2.  On the other hand, they also helped serve up THE TOUCH and BLACK MASK 2: CITY OF MASKS.

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In other production news …

Jackie Chan goes big on ‘Soldier’

Stars line up for ‘Bodyguards’

Van Ness Wu featured in “Singapore ghost stories”

Film on Tibet starring Charlie Yeung to start shooting

‘Three Kingdoms’ Rebuilt for television


Nick Cheung: “Red River” Actor Votes for Himself in Film Awards Race

HKFA Promo Photos: Xinhua Gallery,  CRIEnglish Gallery 1, CRIEnglish Gallery 2


Dante Lam: Taking aim at Edison


HK Standard: Edison pics seen year before

Asia One: Computer technician behind Edison Chen sex photo leak

Articles on the trial: BBC, Reuters UK, New York Times

Actor Chen relieved movie out after sex scandal

Edison Chen flies into Beijing under the radar


Hollywood Reporter reviews:




IF YOU ARE THE ONE (Feng Xiaogang’s latest starring Shu Qi)


Jill Vidal to face trial in Japan after drugs arrest

Twins’ Charlene Choi releases solo album

Charlene Choi’s album cover tampered with

Jay Chou breaks Asian celebrity endorsement fee record

Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse move into new multi-million dollar home

I am, by no means, a fashion expert but those are an atrocious looking pair of sunglasses on Cecilia Cheung.

Cecilia Cheung endorses bedding

Star power: Ah Niu’s Ice Kacang Puppy Love brings together a string of successful Taiwan-based Malaysian stars.

Taipei Times Pop Stop

Nothing really entertainment circle related this week, just items on boobs and JAV star Maria Ozawa.


Charlene Choi shoots ad for a brand of noodles

Gillian Chung shoots clothing ad in Guangzhou

Gigi Leung attends event for Piaget

Karen Mok performs in Shanghai with John Legend

Bernice Liu Bik-Yi attends Easter event

Liza Wang rehearses for her upcoming concerts

Liza Wang was busy on April 9th rehearsing for her upcoming April 17th Hong Kong concert.  Kenny Bee, who will be a guest performer at the show, was also at the rehearsal.  Kenny Bee’s 14 year-old daughter dropped by to take in the proceedings.

Linda Chung Ka-Yan models at a fashion show

Classic Pictures Crystal Liu Yifei

Fan Bingbing featured in Hong Kong edition of Harper’s Bazaar:, CRIEngish

Leo Koo shoots the video for his latest single

Image credits: Xinhua (Carrie Ng)

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  1. YTSL Says:

    Aaaah, Carrie Ng! Hope the movie proves a worthy return (to Hong Kong film) for too often way under-rated actress. Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen