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News Links: May 30th, 2009

A belated Happy Tuen Ng Festival to all!  Hope no one stuffed themselves silly with 糭子 (rice wraps).

In case you missed it, earlier today: News Links: Sexy Photos Gate May 2009 Update


Ronald Cheng suspected to be patron of prostitute

I could make all manner of jokes about this but most of them are tasteless and inappropriate for polite company so let’s just leave it at I’m compiling this post in front of a photo of S.  :-)


China changes Hong Kong film biz

Aaron Kwok: I’m in the golden period of my career

Yan Geling: ’My Novels Are Not My Babies’


Producer: Lin Ching-hsia to play Ip Man’s wife

Ziyi Gives Lowdown on Her Landmark Role

Deleted scenes? Nothing to be inglorious of, says Maggie Cheung 

Arclight looks to ‘Future X-Cops’ from Wong Jing and Andy Lau

More from Cannes:

Production Photos:


New Straits Times reviews I CORRUPT ALL COPS

San Francisco Chronicle reviews THE BEAST STALKER


Hong Kong stars linked to June 4 escape plot

I can’t believe that next week brings the twentieth (20th!) anniversary of Tiananmen 6/4.  Time flies.

In light of recent controversies, I bet Jackie Chan makes himself scarce for the next few days.  At least that’s what I’d advise him to do if I was his PR guy.  If he pops up next week and flaps his yap about Tiananmen then you’ll know that he’s either really full of himself or he doesn’t have anyone around him to tell him no.

Shu Qi jaded to sex and violence

Zhang Ziyi unaffected by beach photo scandal

TV tops media in HK as Nielsen turns 40

‘If You Are the One’, the Most Bankable One

More Chinese Box Office:  China shows its strength

MacDowell, Lau and Im join Shanghai juries

Wedding bells ring for Christopher and Fann

Zoe Tay: Her assets are a liability

Jolin Tsai:

More Taiwan:

Kelly Clarkson belts out signature songs during her visit to Hong Kong


Ekin Cheng Yi-Kin

In his capacity as their celebrity spokesperson, Ekin Cheng attended a Dragon Boat Festival related charity event for The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council.

The First Lady of the Kozo Entertainment Group

At Causeway Bay’s Times Square on May 27th, Karena Lam Ka-Yan was a celebrity awards presenter at the finals of the “Be A Little Teacher Campaign 2009″ Competition.  Speaking to reporters about childhood education, Lam revealed that when she worked as a tutor for two years, she learned as much from her students as they did from her.  Lam: “The direct way children express themselves is something that we adults should emulate.”

When reporters noticed the joy Karena Lam showed from being around the children at the event, Lam revealed: “I grew up with three sisters so our home was always very lively.   Because of that, I’d like to have lots of kids.”

Asked further about her plans for motherhood, Lam replied: “I have to wait until I get married first.”

Yoyo Mung Ka-Wai, Roger Kwok Jun-On

Promoting their new TVB series THE THRESHOLD OF A PERSONA (ID 精英), Roger Kwok Jun-On, Yoyo Mung Ka-Wai, Patrick Tang Kin-Wang, Natalie Tong Si-Wing, Sherming Yiu Lok-Yi and Toby Leung Jing-Kei went to Shatin from a Dragon Boat racing event.  THE THRESHOLD OF A PERSONA debuts on TVB Jade on Monday June 1st.

Shu Qi, Simon Yam Tat-Wah, his wife Qi Qi, Michelle Yeoh and Lynn Xiong were among the celebrities who attended the gala opening of The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957.  The exhibit, which runs until September 28th, showcases a collection of designer fashions borrowed from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.  Related links:

Liza Wang, Law Kar-Ying

Earlier this month, Liza Wang and Law Kar-Ying married in Las Vegas.  On the evening of May 26th, the newlyweds held a banquet at the Manning House’s Kiangsu And Chekiang Residents (H.K.) Association restaurant.  Among the attendees were: Carol Cheng Yu-Ling, Teresa Mo Shun-Kwan, Margie Tsang Wah-Sin, Nancy Sit Ka-Yin, Alvina Kong Yan-Yin and Eileen Cha.


My cousin Tony and his lovely bride Carina Lau

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Carina Lau Ka-Ling hosted a dinner for family and friends on May 24th at Amigo Restaurant in Happy Valley.

Kenix Kwok Ho-Ying

Recently, Kenix Kwok took a break from working on TVB’s BORN RICH by doing a little browsing at a Causeway Bay fashion store.  TVB’s “grand production” for 2009, BORN RICH tells the story of a family feud set in the corporate world.  It boasts an all-star cast that features Kwok, Ray Lui Leung-Wai, Gallen Lo Ka-Leung, Anita Yuen Wing-Yi, Crystal Tin Yui-Lei, Nancy Sit Ka-Yin and Jamie Chik Mei-Chun among others.


Lin Chi-Ling

Many, many, many photos of Lin Chi-Ling and Lin Chi-Ling’s legs “workin’ it” while promoting the OSIM uSqueeze Foot Massager.  Thanks to 軟體動物先生 (Mr. Mollusk?) for sending along the link.

Aaron Kwok promotes Longines watches

Lynn Xiong

Lynn Xiong, a bikini and blue screen technology combine to form an ad for a brand of body essence.

Lynn Xiong promotes Dior at their Fall Fashion Show

Kelly Chen Wai-Lam

Five months pregnant, Kelly Chen shoots an ad for DHC skin care products.

Eva Huang Shengyi does a cosmetics ad


SUMMER HOURS, the new film from Olivier Assayas (the former Mr. Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk) sounds very intriguing.  Related links:

Off to see if the Cleveland LeBrons can stave off elimination against the Orlando Magic.  I hate to say it but I think it could be curtains for the Cavaliers’ season tonight.

One Response to “News Links: May 30th, 2009”

  1. langong Says:

    your cousin Tony as Yp Man that’s wow!! could be more drama than martial arts action I guess, we all know that acting, facial expression and the eyes are your cousin’s forte but kungfu ? we’ll see I guess.

    BTW when I read it the images of Ed Norton and Eric Bana ala Hulk come to mind :)

    hihihi are you sure it was the photo of S not “K” when you were compiling posts in front of :-) Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen