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More Thoughts On Edison Chen’s Comeback

A quick clarification on my remarks, from earlier today, about Edison Chen’s comeback:

1.  But first, CNN has updated their website to include video of the interview

2.  I have nothing against Edison Chen making a comeback.  He has a right, like the rest of us, to make a living.  I was just pointing out to the people who are saying Edison Chen is “breaking his word” that there are better, more effective ways to show your disgust with him and his comeback.

3.  When I wrote that “you’d be the foolish one if you took a man of his deeds at his word”, I was not talking specifically about Sexy Photos Gate.  I was trying to say that Edison Chen has been around since 2000 and, in these past nine years, what from the way he carries himself in public suggests that he’s a guy whose word is his bond?  How many celebrities get into fights with people on the street?  How many celebrities express their frustrations by kicking in a taxi?  To me, his public persona comes off more as “creep” than “stand-up guy”.

That said, it’s only his public persona that we see.  We don’t know anything about the way he is in private.  The way Anthony Wong Chau-Sang stands by him and the way he was able to have relations with so many women suggests that he’s a charming guy in private life.

Again, I was just trying to make the point that deriding Edison Chen for “breaking his word” is a waste of time.

4.  It’ll be interesting to see if Edison Chen can make a successful come back.  As I wrote back in Feburary 2008, his entire career path has defied conventional wisdom so you can’t write him off.


5.  I’m interested to see what you guys think of the WestEast magazine photos.  I know that they are designed to look cool.  However, I think they comes across — with the handcuffs and flagellation marks — as a bit pretentious.  Then again, I’m an old man who doesn’t get tattoos and why otherwise beautiful girls would mar their bodies with tramp stamps.  Here’s a quick poll:


(EDITED TO ADD: Hmmm … the poll doesn’t seem to be working.  If you have an opinion on the photos, please leave a comment.  I’m interested to read what you have to say about them.)

Image credits: WestEast Magazine by way of

12 Responses to “More Thoughts On Edison Chen’s Comeback”

  1. marenh Says:

    I like the photos. Edison has a rocking bod.

  2. Steph Says:

    Edison may have a rocking bod but those pics look pretentious as hell. Once a poser, always a poser. There’s another one of him with him where you see his back and his head is turned and he’s got a smug smirk on his face. It’s a disgusting look.

  3. markhb Says:

    handcuffs and whipping marks, we get it edison, you are a victim.

    cry me a river.

  4. darren Says:

    i saw the video and correct me if im wrong but doesnt edison say those pics are all from 2004 and back and yet he admits his new gf is in those pics as well, which cant be possible cos that would make her what? 14? 15? when those pics were taken……so did he straight up lie lol?!?

  5. Max Says:

    I never had any love for Edison Chen. His bad boy routine got old real fast. No matter when the WestEast pics were taken, the fact that they were just recently published is key. He has always thought of himself as the victim in this case, only passively apologizing. If anyone cares, I wrote some comments about all this a few weeks ago.

  6. Ed Is On Is A Wanker Says:

    I think you’re wrong about Edison Chen’s career defying conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdoms says that his comeback will be successful. We likve in a world of Paris Hilton, Jon + Kate, Speidi and OctoMom. OctoMom just got $1 million for a book and a show so that tells you all you need to know about how f**ked up society is now.

  7. Zubeidaa Says:

    His career has defied conventional wisdom? Really? Let’s see: he’s young, he’s (clearly) very charming, he’s got the bad boy going for him and oh yes, he’s ridiculously good-looking. Forgive me if I’m wrong but that’s pretty much all that’s required of celebrities in this day and age. Talent or skill has very little to do with it. Having said that, I saw Dog Bite Dog and was impressed by his performance. He has potential, but so far it’s been hugely untapped.

    The pics? I think they’re hot. He sees himself as the victim and frankly he IS ONE! The bias against him has been insane and bred I suspect partly out of resentment and good old schadenfreude. So he’s trying to make a comeback. I’m fairly certain despite the brouhaha, he’ll be successful.

  8. Gabriel Says:

    The pictures would be cooler if he looked like he were actually suffering a bit. Instead, he just looks smug as if he thinks he’s being “transgressive” & bold.

  9. LW Says:

    The pictures are pretentious. When has Edison Chen NOT tried his hardest to appear cool? Yeah, he has a great bod, but in every photo, he’s always trying to appear tough/suave/cool, like he’s God’s gift to women.

    His arrogance and immaturity are off-putting. Yeah he looks great. Whatever. The sad thing is, that’s probably all the teeny-bopper girls care about anyway.

  10. hFh Says:

    i think the pictures look cool and his body is hot!! hope he is successful with his comeback!

  11. Jo Says:

    Eh, can’t believe this is still news. Reminds me to be thankful I’m not a celebrity else my skeletons would all come tumbling out the closet! I think the pics are fine, I get what they’re going for and with a body to die for like his, it works for me. Welcome back Edison!

  12. Nat Says:

    I think the pictures are great. I first saw them in the Sing Tao Daily here in Calgary and I lost my mind. I think he’s amazingly gorgeous. I don’t think he did anything wrong, and I really do think he was the victim in all of this. I mean honestly, you have got to give the guy props for being able to bang all of these chicks and take photos of all of his cohorts. I would do the same thing! Even though he says it was foolish and just youthful indiscretion or whatever, I think he would do it again if he had the chance. Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen