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Archive for the ‘News Links’ Category

Whatever Happened To … Joey Wang (Wong Tso-Yin)

A tidbit on the latest happenings with retired actress Joey Wang, but first some news links:


Shu Qi perseveres in love

Gillian Chung blocks Edison Chen on MSN

Jet Li buys S$20 million bungalows in Singapore’s Binjai Park

PHOTOS: Lin Chi-Ling at event in Taiwan


* * * * *

Retired from the entertainment circle since her appearance in the 2005 Mainland film SHANGHAI STORY, Joey Wang (Wong Tso-Yin) has reportedly been living in Vancouver, Canada studying English and practising Buddhism.  Lately, her name has resurfaced in the Chinese Joey Wang (Wong Tso-Yin)media because, according to rumours, Wang is supposedly interested in a comeback after hearing of the rumoured HK$4.5 million being tossed at Brigitte Lin Ching-Ha to entice Lin to make a comeback.

However, a recent report in Xinhua Daily suggests that a return to the entertainment circle is not in the cards for one of the more famous “It Girls” from the late-1980s/early-1990s.  According to Taiwanese singer Chyi Chin — Wang’s former boyfriend with whom she had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted for 16 years — the devoutly religious Wang is more likely to become a Buddhist nun than make a comeback.  While Chin has not spoken to Wang personally since the summer of 2008, he has recently had a conversation with Wang’s uncle.  Relaying the details of the chat, Chin revealed that Wang’s aged grandparents are not doing well and that Wang has gone to the Mainland’s Anhui province to visit them.

News Links: June 18th, 2009

Apologies for the recent lack of activity here on the ol’ blog.  My geomancer warned me not to post from June 11th to June 17th because of disturbances in the actuarial flow.  She said, ominously, that fire was the dominant force during that time so it wasn’t favourable to metal pigs born under the tiger hour.  Better just to lay low and not get burned …

OK, OK.  I’m a lazy, lazy man who decided to enjoy some warm summer evenings beneath the balcony of stars rather than in front of a computer screen.

There’s a backlog of production news that I hope to get at over the next few days.  In the meantime, here are some links:


‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ Opens Shooting Base

RELATED: The media was invited to visit the set earlier this week

Stanley Kwan to shoot Chinese musical in Shanghai

Confucius Descendant Likes Chow Yun-Fat’s Portrayal

Stephen Chow:

Feng Xiaogang’s AFTERSHOCK:

Enlight ramps up production slate with Gordon Chan

Enlight spends $30 mil on 40 pics

SFG, Media Asia, Guoli form production partnership

Zhang Yimou’s ‘Guns’ in Line with ‘Blood Simple’

Popular Comedian Shows up in Zhang Yimou’s Filming Set

‘Bullets Fly’ with Ge You

Ciwen, Asian Union unveil German, Italian co-productions

US TV Looks to China for Value, Inspiration


STORM WARRIORS stills and videos

“Sophie’s Revenge” to be Released in August

Aaron Kwok, Hao Lei Promote ‘Silver Empire’

RELATED: Trailer courtesy CRI English

200 million Yuan Box Office Predicted for “Cyborg”


Electric New Paper on TVB stars Nancy Wu and Kevin Cheng

Vic Chou’s DARK SIDE

Time Out London interviews John Woo

John Woo on a new mission: boosting Chinese films

Fistful of challenges: Malaysian filmmaker Michael Chuah Ghiap Hun will direct and star in Fist Of Dragon

Chinese Stories: Liz Shackleton on director Lou Ye


Edison Chen complains about his manager

Edison Chen expands fashion business to Malaysia

Hollywood Reporter on Edison Chen’s CNN Interview

Gillian Chung: Edison’s apology came too late


Co-productions the way to go, China says

Six Asian film cos form Alliance

Golden Harvest buys Wu’s Chengtian

CreateHK launches for industry aid

HK Film Development Council to promote in three markets

Vanguard launches content fund

CAA signs director Lu Chuan (CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH/NANKING! NANKING! director)


The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of the Shanghai Film Festival

Shanghai shines as China film market continues to grow

Photos and video of female celebrities:

Male celebrities:


Chinese star Jet Li ‘takes Singapore citizenship’

Kung Fu Star Jet Li Takes up Singapore Citizenship

Jet Li buys $20m bungalow

Jackie Chan to son: Don’t wish me “Happy Father’s Day!”

Isabella Leong:

Michael Hui Kwoon-Man to perform in Malaysia

Lin Chi-ling in financial difficulties?

Myolie Wu breaks up with Bosco Wong?

Actor Liu Ye Sets Wedding Date

CoCo Lee becomes first Chinese to sing at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Feng Xiaogang’s ’If You Are the One’ in Taiwan

Locarno Film Festival selects a dozen films from China 

HK Customs raids pirate computer cove


Zoe Tay and Fann Wong faceoff after 14 years


Taipei Times reviews:

Malaysia Star reviews BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE


After being away from the entertainment circle for 18 years, 49 year-old Cherie Chung Chor-Hung is stepping back in with an ad for reenex skin care products.  Photos for the ad were released earlier this week.  A press event formally announcing the ad campaign will be held on June 25th.  Speculation abounds that Chung is raising money to complete a Bali resort project started by her late husband Mike Chu Ka-Ding and that a film comeback is still in the works.  Related Links:

Nick Cheung Ka-Fai and his wife Esther Kwan Wing-Ho shoot an ad for a bedding company

Despite being 8 months pregnant, Kelly Chen Wai-Lam shoots a mooncake ad

Li Bingbing Shoots Commercial in Rome


Lynn Xiong and Donnie Yen promote the Nokia N97

Gillian Chung promotes Veva cellphones in the Mainland

Miriam Yeung at an event for Seiko watches

Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Karena Lam Ka-Yan and model Vanessa Yeung attend the opening of a Starbucks

Richie Ren and model Ana R. at event for Kiehl’s

Gaile Lok, Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting and beauty queen/actress Loretta Chow Mei-Yan promote Huggies diapers

RELATED: Gaile Lok and Jennifer Tse


In Shanghai, Zhang Ziyi goes clubbing ’til dawn

Cecilia Cheung pays Nic Tse a visit in Shanghai where Tse is working on BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS

Julian Cheung Chi-Lam and Anita Yuen Wing-Yi do some shopping

Kristy Yang and Coco — the girlfriend of Patrick Tse Yin — do some shopping at the IFC mall


Faye Wong’s ads for Royal Wind hair care products

Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei does a photo spread for the June edition of “Chinese Art & Culture”

Li Bing-Bing and Carina Lau at an event for Gucci

“Naive and Stupid” Gillian Chung

Coco Lee


China hits Google over ‘pornographic’ content 


Yan Kay Kay: The Chick Versus Dick Babe

News Links: June 8th, 2009

Lots of links to get to today so let’s get rolling …


Shek Kin (1913-2009):

It’s a son for Isabella Leong and Richard Li

Isabella Leong gives birth to baby boy


Wong, First Vanguard set up fund

  • Hmmm … “the Bruce Lee biopic IP MAN” … the name of the guy the film is actually about is actually in the title … way to bolster the credibility of your Asian film coverage Western news media
  • The related Reuters article did the same thing: First Vanguard, Raymond Wong plan $100 mln movie fund
  • Longtime Asian film reporter, Liz Shackleton, got it right in her ScreenDaily report of the story
  • While I’m on the subject, it’s annoying when the Western news media constantly refers to Edison Chen as the star of INFERNAL AFFAIRSHe was in INFERNAL AFFAIRS for slightly longer than he was THE DARK KNIGHT.  Oh well, I suppose it can’t get much worse than THE DEPARTED being referred to as “… a remake of the Japanese film INFERNAL AFFAIRS.

CRI English Movie Preview: Searching for Jackie Chan


More Zhang Ziyi: Cast Promotes “Sophie’s Revenge”

Feng Xiaogang: Feng follows hit with ‘Aftershocks’

Jia Zhangke: Jia starts shooting doc for Shanghai Expo


Cecilia Cheung accepts Edison Chen’s apology:

Anthony Wong gets into possible assault lawsuit


Aaron Kwok: What makes this Heavenly King’s hands tremble?

More Aaron Kwok:

Interview: Closer Look at Yao Chen (SOPHIE’S REVENGE)

Gianna Jun (aka Jeon Ji Hyun): Blood Work



Eason Chan: Full time acting on Eason’s mind

Jet Li fronts adidas campaign


Leon Lai voices animated feature but his children won’t know

Lin Chi-ling’s ‘baby voice’ a hoax?

EastSouthWestNorth: Miss Hong Kong contestant writes to Apple Daily

New Straits Times entertainment news round-up

Yao Ming happy to slam-dunk one for kids in need

‘Slumdog’ kids visit Hong Kong for charity show

Gong Mi: ‘Happy Girl’ Not Cecilia Cheung



Stefanie Sun:



Hollywood Reporter: Shanghai Surprise

Film festival pulls Berry

Zhou Xun: A Difficult ‘Message’

Qing Dynasty film competes for Golden Goblet

“Wheat” Premiere to Open Shanghai Film Fest

Tickets Selling Fast for Shanghai Film Festival

EFP doubles support at Shanghai




Jay Chou and Lin Chi-Ling

On June 3rd, Chou and Lin took a break from filming TREASURE HUNTER to meet with members of the media.  The pair were working on location at Wuxi’s Water Margin City Production Studios.  Eric Tsang Chi-Wai co-stars.


George Lam Chi-Cheung: 1, 2

Ah Lam and the Lamstache closed out his Hung Hum Coliseum concert series on June 6th.  His wife, Sally Yeh, and his mother were in attendance as was Vivian Chow Wai-Man.  Justin Lo was a guest performer.

RELATED: George Lam & Sally Yeh marriage on shaky ground

Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah

Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu attended an event for Habitat For Humanity.  Wu is currently preparing for his role as a marksman in Derek Yee Tung-Sing’s next film 槍王之王 (trans. KING OF THE GUN KINGS)

Shu Qi promotes Magnum Chocolates

Don’t know why but when I hear the word “magnum”, I think of condoms, not chocolates.

Tavia Yeung Yi, Steven Ma Jun-Wai and Raymond Ho-Yin promote their new TVB drama SWEETNESS IN THE SALT (碧血鹽梟)

Fan Bingbing

2009 is the “Year of Fan Bingbing” as she is lated to have five films released within the year: SHINJUKU INCIDENT, WHEAT, FUTURE COPS, EAST WIND RAIN, SOPHIE’S REVENGE, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS

More Fan Bingbing: Bridal Magazine Photos 

Taiwanese star Landy Wen High Definition Galleries:


Hong Kong Workers Swoon over Lunchtime Karaoke

Kung Fu Legend Lives on in London

The Teahouse: June 3rd, 2009

A reader interaction post today as I respond to some of the comments left on the blog.  But first, some box office numbers:

Like theatres here in North America, theatres in Hong Kong are jammed with the likes of ANGELS & DEMONS, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 and TERMINATOR: SALVATION leaving little room for Asian films.  Here is the top ten in Hong Kong from this past weekend:

  4. ASHES OF TIME REDUX, 26 screens, 4 days, $850,028 to date
  6. CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH, 9 screens, 25 days, HK$3.74 million to date
  7. 17 AGAIN
  9. NIGHT AND FOG, 1 screen, 18 days, HK$1.15 million to date

I CORRUPT ALL COPS and TRAIL OF THE PANDA have concluded their theatrical runs.  They finished with takes of HK$5.34 milion and HK$1.42 million respectively.

* * * * *

Before we get to reader comments, a few words about the Edison Chen comeback:

It’s clear with his CNN interview and WestEast magazine cover that Edison Chen is on the comeback trail.  He wasn’t “forced” to come back to HK, he chose to come back.  If you don’t want to see him darken the door of the entertainment circle, don’t attack him for “breaking his word” about retiring.  After all, you’d be the foolish one if you took a man of his deeds at his word.  Look at where taking Edison Chen at his word left Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung …

If you want him out of the entertainment circle, here’s what you do:

  • Don’t watch his CNN interview.
  • Don’t buy any magazines with him on the cover.
  • Don’t buy anything from his clothing line.
  • Don’t buy his albums.
  • Don’t go to his movies.
  • Don’t support any projects that has a connection to him.

If enough people did that, you’d be surprised how quickly he disappears from the entertainment circle.  However, if the hits for the SNIPER review here on LoveHKFilm are any indication, there’s still some juice left in EDC so maybe he’ll be with us for a while yet.  By all logic and reason, his career should be dead as a doornail but, as Teddy KGB would say, here he is “hanging around, hang-ing around … can’t get rid of him.”

John Malkovich as Teddy KGB in ROUNDERS

Related Link: CNN EXCLUSIVE: Edison Chen breaks his silence

More EDC:

On to your comments …

From the comments on Production News: Sammi vs Miriam Lunar New Year 2010:

glenn writes:  When I first heard this news, I was quite excited. Now I’m wondering if the acting styles of these two ladies may not mesh completely.

Yes, the betting line for the Kozo Entertainment Group’s illegal but high-class Tsimshatsui gambling den pegs this movie as having a 50% chance of sucking and a 50% of being good.  It was set at 80% suck and 20% good but Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai are involved so the odds of it being good have gone up considerably.

I’m with you Glenn, I don’t know what the chemistry is going to be like between the original Mrs. Kozo and Miriam Yeung.  The papers are already filled with stories about how Sammi hates Miriam and Miriam hates Sammi and how Andy is feuding with Leon and Leon is feuding with Andy.  If Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai are smart, I think they would run parallel story lines where the two main couples interact only briefly … sort of like the first De Niro-Pacino collaboration HEAT.

I think I’ve seen enough of these highly-anticipated collaborations (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, RIGHTEOUS KILL, ALIEN VS PREDATOR … DEBBIE DOES JENNA …) to know that they never live up to expectations.  I’m going in with an attitude of: “hey, it’s Lunar New Year, all I want from the movie is for it to be light, breezy and fun.  What I don’t want is for it to turn out to be one of those soulless commercial enterprises where everyone is just going through the motions.”

From the comments on News and Notes: May 14th, 2009:

Bunta Sugawara writes:  Any idea when Vengeance is released in HK? (I’m doing some mental arithmetic to work out when I’m likely to get my grubby paws on a DVD release of it - it sounds great).

I haven’t been able to find a definite date.  Articles that popped up last year covering the news conference announcing the project had a Summer 2010 HK release pegged but nothing specific was reported.  Here’s the link to the official English-language website for VENGEANCE, when there’s a fixed date, I’m sure it’ll be listed there:

From the comments on News Links: Memorial Day 2009:

Dave Leong writes:  Did you watch end up watching American Masters last night?

Nope, I haven’t watched AMERICAN MASTERS: HOLLYWOOD CHINESE yet.  I have recorded it though.  I’m a huge sports fan so my nights have been filled with both NBA and NHL playoffs.  Plus, the UEFA Champions League Final was on the same day as the documentary.  I’ll get to it someday because it sounds very interesting.

Will writes:  Why aren’t you on Twitter?

I’m not on Twitter because I sold my soul to the Kozo Entertainment Group and can’t write for any other media.  Me and Charlene Choi, caged birds for our respective media conglomerates …

Just kidding, I’m not on Twitter because it seems like a fad that’s destined to go the way of Cabbage Patch Kids, Tamagotchi … Twins.

Plus, I’m a blowhard so I can’t limit myself to just 140 characters.

… And, as always, I’m a lazy, lazy man.

Audrey writes:  I’m happy Kozo still keeps lovehkfilm going even though he rubs elbows with Nick Cheung and Karena Lam. 

LoveHKFilm may still be going strong but Kozo’s definitely changed now that he’s hanging out with the cool kids.  He’s become insufferable.  He’s affected a Madonna-like faux British accent going on about how I need to use “my loaf” and how he has to go up the “apples and pears” to get away from his new “trouble and strife”.  It’s sickening … sickening I tell ya.

I’m just kidding.  Kozo is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet.  We kid because we love.  Speaking of which …

From the comments on News Links: May 30th, 2009:

langong writes:  Are you sure it was the photo of S and not “K” you were compiling posts in front of? 

You caught me, you caught me.  I confess that I’m compiling posts in front of a photo of Kozo.  I wish I knew how to quit him … I really wish I knew how to quit him … :-)


- For film fans:  NPR has a two-part podcast about the Cannes Film Festival with critic John Powers.  Interesting stuff if you want to hear about the films that made a splash at Cannes.  In part two, Powers has some kind words for Park Chan-Wook’s THIRST and some not so kind words for Ang Lee and TAKING WOODSTOCK.  Here are the links:

- More from NPR: A podcast review of the Oscar-winning Japanese film DEPARTURES (LoveHKFilm review):

- Does Hiroyuki Sanada have it written in his contract that his characters have to die?  I watched another Sanada film over the weekend — won’t mention which one to avoid spoiling anybody –  and, quelle surprise, his character died.  That’s five Sanada films in a row for me in which his character does not make it to the end credits.

Image credit: Miramax Films (Teddy KGB)

Production News: Sammi vs Miriam Lunar New Year 2010

When Alien got together with Predator back in 2004, it didn’t matter who won because we all lost (even in ways the filmmakers probably did not intend).  Now, five years later, a pairing almost as epic is going to be made as reports have surfaced suggesting that Sammi Cheng Sau-Man and Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah are joining forces with Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai for a Lunar New Year picture that will hit the screens in time for holiday season 2010.  Hopefully, this time HK entertainment fans will all win.

Late last week, HK media reports emerged suggesting that Media Asia has been looking to put together a Lunar New Year film after seeing the success that Mandarin Films had with ALL’S WELL ENDS WELL 2009 (HK$24.6 million).  Reportedly, after some urging from entertainment mogul Peter Lam Kin-Ngok, Johnnie To Kei-Fung and Wai Ka-Fai have agreed to shoot a holiday picture starring Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Andy Lau Tak-Wah and Leon Lai Ming.  It will be the first Lunar New Film from To and Wai since 2002’s FAT CHOI SPIRIT.  According to the reports, the film will be a romantic comedy and shooting is set to begin in September.

Both Media Asia and Wai Ka-Fai have confirmed that a Lunar New Year project is in the works but no other details have been released:

Media Asia spokesperson Ms. Leung: “The company will indeed be shooting a Lunar New Year movie this September.”

Wai Ka-Fai: “Yes, we’ll be doing this movie. Right now, we’re working on a script. There’s not much that we can make public at this point.”

The Sammi Cheng-Miriam Yeung Media Asia project will be competing with Mandarin’s ALL’S WELL ENDS WELL 2010 starring Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu and Ronald Cheng Chung-Gei.

Related Chinese-language media articles: 1, 2, 3 Copyright © 2002-2018 Ross Chen