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Archive for the ‘The Life and Opinion of the Webmaster Sanney’ Category

News Links: June 29th, 2009

South Garden

Coming to you today from the south garden of my mother’s palatial estate rather than the ol’ home office …


Dante Lam to direct ‘Dragon Tiger Gate’ sequel

Focus Films launches Fight with ‘Fists’

Vincent Zhao Wenzhou to play Beggar Su in new Yuen Wo-Ping film

Zhang Yimou starts shooting Coen brothers remake

Photos: Production and set design for THE MESSAGE


‘Biggest Loser’ comes to Asia


MULAN: Ancient heroine hits Shanghai Film Festival



MORE AH SA: Choi misses Twins’ Chung 

bc Magazine feature on writer/director James Yuen Sai-Sung:  A Sort Of Love

A New Calling: bc Magazine feature on Tats Lau Yee-Tat

Lights, camera… film school: Article on Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Film

HK Standard on David Carradine and Shek Kin: Kung fu icons kicked

Asian Movies All Over the Map: New York Times on the New York Asian Film Festival

Best wishes for a hugely successful event.  One of these years, I’ve got to get myself out to New York City for the event.


Review of WRITTEN BY: Wai Ka-Fai’s latest starring Lau Ching-Wan and Kelly Lin

bc Magazine reviews PLASTIC CITY

The Holllywood Reporter reviews the Mainland film PARK SHANGHAI


Edison Chen not ready to return to showbiz

Edison Chen not ready for lead roles after scandal

For Edison, fans queue overnight

Gillian Chung avoids bumping into Edison while in KL

Gillian Chung’s secret to slimmer legs: Botox

I thought botox was used to make things look fuller not slimmer.  Anyway, there’s plenty of evidence out there to show that you shouldn’t be messing with the stuff.

Leon Jay Williams: His big Jump forward

Taiwanese actor replaced Edison Chen in JUMP


China Film Association Names Best Chinese Films of 2008

Shek Kin Death PortraitA funeral was held for veteran HK actor Shek Kin on the evening of June 25th at the Hung Hom district’s Universal Funeral Parlour.  Among those in attendance were Connie Chan Bo-Chu, Nancy Sit Ka-Yin, Gordon Liu (Lau Ka-Fai), Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Alan Tang Kwong-Wing, Wu Fung, Kenneth Tsang Kong and Ng Man-Tat.

The next morning, Shek was cremated.  His ashes were then buried next to those of his deceased wife at the Pok Fu Lam Christian Cemetery on Hong Kong Island.

Shek died of kidney failure on June 3rd.  He was 96 years old.


Taipei Times Pop Stop: Shu Qi on marriage and motherhood, A-mei and more

Carina Lau once rejected Tony Leung’s proposal

Nnadia Chan sued for failing to pay manager

New Straits Times entertainment round-up: Nic Tse; Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok

Zhou Xun Breaks up with Stylist Boyfriend

RELATED: Flashback of Zhou Xun and Li Daqi’s Five Years in Love

Karen Mok back with Digital Album


Jackie Chan Promoted Patriotic Song in LA 

Grasshopper on being Cool Dad: Be the child’s idol!

‘Taking Woodstock’ to Screen in Woodstock

Chinese censors tinker with ‘Transformers’

China Web boycott called to mark filter debut


Jay Chou, Eason Chan sweep Melody Awards

RELATED:  A list of winners at the 20th Golden Melody Awards

Eason Chan, Jay Chou win Mandarin pop music awards

Taitung aboriginal settlement boasts eight Golden Melody Awards

Jay Chow, Sandee Chen crowned at music awards

Stefanie Sun: Her thigh steals the thunder

Crowd Lu: Crowd winner

Jay Chou challenges the fairness of Golden Melody Awards

Awards Preview: Only the best

Zhong Yong-feng: The poet behind the music


Taipei Film Festival:

Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai just friends

Fish Leong accepts marriage proposal

Stage collapses at Jerry Yan’s autograph session

Jacky Wu: I’m not retiring

Claire Kuo a former slave to debts

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan: My KISSES speak volumes

Maysian Lim (aka Masia One): I don’t want my kids asking: ‘Why is Mummy naked on a car?’ 

Xiang Yun finds warmth in family ties


Kelly Chen out on the town

  • Reportedly, Chen — whose child is due in August — is opting for natural childbirth because she does not want the scars that a C-section entails.
  • Yankees cap … I wonder if she can even name three players on the Yankees.  Oh well, at least it isn’t one of those pink hats. 


Maggie Siu Mei-Kei shows off her shoulders while at an event for Easy Pha-Max health care products

Lynn Xiong at an event for Rimodesio

Michelle Yeoh at an event for luxury moblie phone maker Vertu

Ruby Lin promotes Estee Lauder nail colour

Charlie Yeung Choi-Lei attends the opening of a Causeway Bay area restaurant


A press event formally unveiling Cherie Chung Chor-Hung’s ad campaign for Reenex skin care products was held on June 25th. Inevitably, Chung was asked if the campaign was the “first step in a comeback to the entertainment circle”.  Her response:

“I never said that I had left so how can there be a comeback?  All along, if a good brand had asked me to be their spokesperson, I would have done it.  Right now, I have no plans to get back into movies.  Although many directors have contacted me about it, at this moment, I want to be a part of the audience more than I want to be a part of the movie.  Right now, I’ve found happiness in my life.  I don’t need to be involved with life on the silver screen to get it.  Although it’s just a normal person’s lifestyle, it’s more than enough.”


Lin Chi-Ling and Lin Chi-Ling’s legs sell some shoes

Zhang Ziyi goes to New Zealand to shoot a jewelry ad

RELATED:  Zhang Ziyi Interprets ‘Precious Woman’ 

Bossini joins forces with Smiley World and Charlene Choi to promote the Bossini “Be Happy” clothing line

RELATED: Bossini press release

Landy Wen sells some lingerie

Vivian Hsu in her newest ad 


Fan Bingbing Covers COSMO July Issue

Fan Bingbing Cherishes Memories of the Past


Hong Kong Disneyland to expand

TV staff rapped for June 4 footage


Jackson, Fawcett, McMahon: The “Celebrity Death Rule of Three”

Unique tribute to Michael Jackson by Columbian artist Anubis Vrussh (WARNING: Not safe for work)

* * * * *

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2009 Contestant #4 Sandy Lau Sin-Ting

Is it just me or does anyone else feel uninspired by this year’s 10 Miss Hong Kong finalists?  Are these really the ten best “jade babes” that the Hong Kong nation has to offer?  Makes me wonder if the Pageant is losing its lustre or if TVB just doesn’t have the pull that it once had.

If I were a rich tycoon’s heir, I’d have my sights set on #4 Sandy Lau Sin-Ting.  Did I say that out loud?  Uh, I mean if I had more than just a passing interest, I’d be cheering for Miss Lau.  There’s a little Jo Koo-quality to her looks that I find compelling.

Miss Hong Kong 2009 will be crowned on August 22nd, 2009.


* * * * *

A quick thought on the Shek Kin item above.  I can’t remember how we got onto the subject but, one time, I had a long discussion with one of my pals about “death portraits”.  We couldn’t decide if the death portrait should be a photo of you in your prime or a recent photo.  Take, for instance, Shek Kin’s death portrait.  Being confronted with the picture of an old man may be disconcerting to those who remember him in their mind’s eye as the villain in ENTER THE DRAGON.  On the other hand, it may be disconcerting to family members to see a photo of a young man when they’re used to seeing the old man.

You see, it’s quite the mind-bending conundrum.

Yeah, it’s not all Patriots versus Steelers, Ronaldo versus Messi, STAR WARS versus STAR TREK, Peking Duck versus General Tso’s Chicken, Jo Koo versus Karena Lam talk at the ol’ home office.

By the way, the correct answers are: Patriots, Messi, STAR TREK, Peking Duck and, of course, Jo Koo.  Always, Jo Koo.  :-)

Production News: June 26th, 2009

News on a couple of major productions that were announced this week:

Lau Ching-Wan and Louis KooOn June 23rd, China Star held an opening lens ceremony for their new project POKER KING (撲克王). The film stars Lau Ching-Wan as a gambling mogul and Louis Koo Tin-Lok as a gambling master. Stephy Tang Lai-Yan will play Louis Koo’s love interest.  Also appearing in the movie are: Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi, Josie Ho Chiu-Yi, the lovely Jo Koo (Kuk Tso-Lam), Wong You-Nam and newcomer Jacky Heung — the son of China Star head Charles Heung Wah-Keung. The duo behind last year’s LA LINGERIE, Chan Hing-Kai and Janet Chun Siu-Jan, will be behind POKER KING.

During the press conference, Lau Ching-Wan revealed that he is not much of a gambler in real-life as his gambling is limited to playing mahjong with friends and relatives during Lunar New Year and the occassional purchase of a lottery ticket.

As for Louis Koo, reporters seemed to be more interested in rumours that he was about to buy a HK$150 million luxury flat in Repulse Bay than anything related to POKER KING.  Koo admitted that he has looked at property in the area but that since it is a family matter, he does not want to comment further on the issue.  Back on the subject of the film, Koo has been preparing for his role as a gambling master by practicing card tricks for hours on end. He has practiced so much, his fingers have started to feel numb.

Stephy Tang, who plays Louis Koo’s love interest in POKER KING, revealed that she has no “heavy romance” scenes with the Tanned One but she is nevertheless feeling very nervous because she has never worked opposite actors of the calibre of Lau Ching-Wan and Louis Koo.  While her character in the movie is a gambling addict, she finds gambling distasteful and would not want a boyfriend who likes to gamble.  Asked what else would take a guy out of the running to be her girlfriend, Tang replied: “I don’t want a boyfriend who is obssesed with video games because I’ve no interest in that.  I’d really hate it if my boyfriend made me play video games with him.  He’d have to make a compromise.”

Quick Notes and Thoughts:

  • Looks like it’ll be an amusing movie.  I’ll see anything with Jo Koo in it.
  • It does feel like a step up for Stephy Tang.
  • Jacky Heung … Boy, I don’t know … Then again, the bar will be set pretty low.
  • This will be Cherrie Ying’s second HK movie of 2009.  The first was the little seen KUNG FU CHEF with Vanness Wu and Sammo Hung.  This one will be higher profile.  After her run as a minor “It Girl” earlier this decade, she’s been working mostly in the Mainland.

Related Links:

Aaron Kwok and Shu QiOn June 24th, an opening lens ceremony was held at the Yuen Long district’s Clarence Film Studio for the Universe - Enlight Pictures co-production CITY UNDER SEIGE (全城戒備).  Directed by Benny Chan Muk-Sing (CONNECTED), the actioner stars Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing, Shu Qi, Collin Chou, Zhang Jingchu and Jacky Wu Jing.  With a budget in excess of HK$100 million, the movie will be heavy on special effects and spend more than one year in post-production.  Producers hope to have it ready in time for a National Day 2010 holiday release.  Billed as “China’s answer to X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE“, the film tells the story of circus performers played by Kwok and Chou who develop super-strength after accidentally inhaling a gas.  Shu Qi plays a reporter.

Although a descendant of Lee Chum-Foon, the hero in Gu Long’s Little Lee Flying Dagger book series, Aaron Kwok’s character is an unremarkable, low-lever circus clown/knife thrower. Admitting that while playing a “down in the dumps” character will be a challenge, Aaron Kwok anticipates that working in front of blue screens will ultimately be the bigger challenge.

Reporters spent most of their time with Shu Qi asking about her love life but when talk centered around the film, the leading lady revealed that she was going to request that she be allowed to do her lines in Mandarin because she felt her Cantonese was rusty.  Unfortunately, when it came time for shooting, she was asked to do her lines in Cantonese.  When the subject turned to how many action scenes Shu Qi has in the movie, co-star Kwok joked: “She has many ‘mind versus heart’ action scenes”.

CITY UNDER SEIGE is the first collaboration between Shu Qu and Aaron Kwok since STORM RIDERS in 1999. Asked for thoughts on the issue, Kwok replied: “I hope that the roots we laid down ten years ago will bear fruit for this project.”

Collin Chou plays a circus troupe leader in the film.  His character and Aaron Kwok’s character start off as “hing-dai” (兄弟) but end up as bitter rivals when the gas not only gives Chou’s character super-strength, it turns him into a villain.  Commenting on his participation in the film, Chou revealed that, so far, it is the most satisfying filmmaking experience of his 25-year career because director Benny Chan has given him a lot of creative space and allowed him much input into the development of his character.

As she plays a cop in the movie, Zhang Jingchu was ready to engage in heavy training for action scenes.  However, preparation time for the film was limited so she will be a “projectile weapons expert” and her action scenes will be done predominantly in front of a blue screen.

Shooting for most of CITY UNDER SEIGE should be completed this summer but, because of the long post-production process, shooting may continue until next April.

Quick Thought:

  • Sounds like it will be good but I fear that there’s also great potential for sucky, bloated mess — especially with the heavy reliance on special effects.

Related Links:


Rest in Peace: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and, shockingly, Michael Jackson …

Accuse me of having the mindset of an old Italian woman if you must but these things really do come in threes …

Setting aside, for the moment, the legacy of the self-proclaimed King of Pop, an interesting study of new media versus old media is emerging., of all places, was the first to break the story yet no one in the traditional media is giving them props for the scoop.  Conversely, if the TMZ report had turned out to be false, I’m 100% sure that the traditional media would be lining up around the block to slag TMZ and dismiss it as a “blog” or a “celebrity entertainment website”.

To many, Michael Jackson is going to be remembered as “the King of Pop”.  Others will remember him as a “freak” or an “alleged pedophile”.  I think my mental epithet for him will be “tragic figure”.  The guy had all the talent in the world yet suffered through a messed up childhood and an even more messed up adulthood.  This is tragedy on a Shakespearean level.  It rivals that of Othello, Macbeth, King Lear and Hamlet.

Favourite Michael Jackson songs: “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, “Rock With You”, “Smooth Criminal” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”.  To be honest, I don’t think the songs from THRILLER have aged that well.  It could be that I hang out with a bunch of creeps and degenerates but no one I know thinks, anymore, that “Beat It” is a cool song.  Whenever the subject of the song comes up in mixed company, someone inevitably cracks a masturbation joke.

Favourite Michael Jackson video (YouTube link):  It’s actually not one by Michael Jackson but a spoof video about Michael Jackson from the folks who used to do IN LIVING COLOR.   Before today, I hadn’t seen it in sixteen, seventeen years but the first line of the second chorus still cracks me up.

“Yeah but how does this affect ME?”: Feeling incredibly old today.  Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson were icons from my youth — especially Farrah and Micheal Jackson.  THRILLER was the first album I bought with “my own money” and I believe, at one point, I owned Farrah Fawcett’s famous poster.  (It was either the Farrah poster or the Loni Anderson poster.  Maybe I had both?)  Anyway, nothing makes you feel older than hearing news that an icon from your youth has passed.

Farrah Fawcett poster     Loni Anderson poster

Laugh at me now young ones but — hopefully not until many, many years later — you’ll be feeling aged when the Jackie Chans and Sammo Hungs of the world depart to join Bruce Lee, Shih Kien and Kwan Tak-Hing up in the sky for the greatest martial arts cast ever assembled.

Image credits: (Louis Koo, Lau Ching-Wan), (Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi), Life Magazine (Farrah Fawcett)

The Teahouse: June 3rd, 2009

A reader interaction post today as I respond to some of the comments left on the blog.  But first, some box office numbers:

Like theatres here in North America, theatres in Hong Kong are jammed with the likes of ANGELS & DEMONS, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 and TERMINATOR: SALVATION leaving little room for Asian films.  Here is the top ten in Hong Kong from this past weekend:

  4. ASHES OF TIME REDUX, 26 screens, 4 days, $850,028 to date
  6. CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH, 9 screens, 25 days, HK$3.74 million to date
  7. 17 AGAIN
  9. NIGHT AND FOG, 1 screen, 18 days, HK$1.15 million to date

I CORRUPT ALL COPS and TRAIL OF THE PANDA have concluded their theatrical runs.  They finished with takes of HK$5.34 milion and HK$1.42 million respectively.

* * * * *

Before we get to reader comments, a few words about the Edison Chen comeback:

It’s clear with his CNN interview and WestEast magazine cover that Edison Chen is on the comeback trail.  He wasn’t “forced” to come back to HK, he chose to come back.  If you don’t want to see him darken the door of the entertainment circle, don’t attack him for “breaking his word” about retiring.  After all, you’d be the foolish one if you took a man of his deeds at his word.  Look at where taking Edison Chen at his word left Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung …

If you want him out of the entertainment circle, here’s what you do:

  • Don’t watch his CNN interview.
  • Don’t buy any magazines with him on the cover.
  • Don’t buy anything from his clothing line.
  • Don’t buy his albums.
  • Don’t go to his movies.
  • Don’t support any projects that has a connection to him.

If enough people did that, you’d be surprised how quickly he disappears from the entertainment circle.  However, if the hits for the SNIPER review here on LoveHKFilm are any indication, there’s still some juice left in EDC so maybe he’ll be with us for a while yet.  By all logic and reason, his career should be dead as a doornail but, as Teddy KGB would say, here he is “hanging around, hang-ing around … can’t get rid of him.”

John Malkovich as Teddy KGB in ROUNDERS

Related Link: CNN EXCLUSIVE: Edison Chen breaks his silence

More EDC:

On to your comments …

From the comments on Production News: Sammi vs Miriam Lunar New Year 2010:

glenn writes:  When I first heard this news, I was quite excited. Now I’m wondering if the acting styles of these two ladies may not mesh completely.

Yes, the betting line for the Kozo Entertainment Group’s illegal but high-class Tsimshatsui gambling den pegs this movie as having a 50% chance of sucking and a 50% of being good.  It was set at 80% suck and 20% good but Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai are involved so the odds of it being good have gone up considerably.

I’m with you Glenn, I don’t know what the chemistry is going to be like between the original Mrs. Kozo and Miriam Yeung.  The papers are already filled with stories about how Sammi hates Miriam and Miriam hates Sammi and how Andy is feuding with Leon and Leon is feuding with Andy.  If Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai are smart, I think they would run parallel story lines where the two main couples interact only briefly … sort of like the first De Niro-Pacino collaboration HEAT.

I think I’ve seen enough of these highly-anticipated collaborations (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, RIGHTEOUS KILL, ALIEN VS PREDATOR … DEBBIE DOES JENNA …) to know that they never live up to expectations.  I’m going in with an attitude of: “hey, it’s Lunar New Year, all I want from the movie is for it to be light, breezy and fun.  What I don’t want is for it to turn out to be one of those soulless commercial enterprises where everyone is just going through the motions.”

From the comments on News and Notes: May 14th, 2009:

Bunta Sugawara writes:  Any idea when Vengeance is released in HK? (I’m doing some mental arithmetic to work out when I’m likely to get my grubby paws on a DVD release of it - it sounds great).

I haven’t been able to find a definite date.  Articles that popped up last year covering the news conference announcing the project had a Summer 2010 HK release pegged but nothing specific was reported.  Here’s the link to the official English-language website for VENGEANCE, when there’s a fixed date, I’m sure it’ll be listed there:

From the comments on News Links: Memorial Day 2009:

Dave Leong writes:  Did you watch end up watching American Masters last night?

Nope, I haven’t watched AMERICAN MASTERS: HOLLYWOOD CHINESE yet.  I have recorded it though.  I’m a huge sports fan so my nights have been filled with both NBA and NHL playoffs.  Plus, the UEFA Champions League Final was on the same day as the documentary.  I’ll get to it someday because it sounds very interesting.

Will writes:  Why aren’t you on Twitter?

I’m not on Twitter because I sold my soul to the Kozo Entertainment Group and can’t write for any other media.  Me and Charlene Choi, caged birds for our respective media conglomerates …

Just kidding, I’m not on Twitter because it seems like a fad that’s destined to go the way of Cabbage Patch Kids, Tamagotchi … Twins.

Plus, I’m a blowhard so I can’t limit myself to just 140 characters.

… And, as always, I’m a lazy, lazy man.

Audrey writes:  I’m happy Kozo still keeps lovehkfilm going even though he rubs elbows with Nick Cheung and Karena Lam. 

LoveHKFilm may still be going strong but Kozo’s definitely changed now that he’s hanging out with the cool kids.  He’s become insufferable.  He’s affected a Madonna-like faux British accent going on about how I need to use “my loaf” and how he has to go up the “apples and pears” to get away from his new “trouble and strife”.  It’s sickening … sickening I tell ya.

I’m just kidding.  Kozo is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet.  We kid because we love.  Speaking of which …

From the comments on News Links: May 30th, 2009:

langong writes:  Are you sure it was the photo of S and not “K” you were compiling posts in front of? 

You caught me, you caught me.  I confess that I’m compiling posts in front of a photo of Kozo.  I wish I knew how to quit him … I really wish I knew how to quit him … :-)


- For film fans:  NPR has a two-part podcast about the Cannes Film Festival with critic John Powers.  Interesting stuff if you want to hear about the films that made a splash at Cannes.  In part two, Powers has some kind words for Park Chan-Wook’s THIRST and some not so kind words for Ang Lee and TAKING WOODSTOCK.  Here are the links:

- More from NPR: A podcast review of the Oscar-winning Japanese film DEPARTURES (LoveHKFilm review):

- Does Hiroyuki Sanada have it written in his contract that his characters have to die?  I watched another Sanada film over the weekend — won’t mention which one to avoid spoiling anybody –  and, quelle surprise, his character died.  That’s five Sanada films in a row for me in which his character does not make it to the end credits.

Image credit: Miramax Films (Teddy KGB)

News Links: Memorial Day 2009

A Happy Memorial Day to all the American readers out there.  I know many people have issues with the military and its political masters but many of us rise and sleep under the blanket of freedom that the veterans and troops have provided.  Sometimes, you just got to put all the grievances aside and say “thank you” then go on your way because, as Colonel Jessop said on the stand, most of us probably can’t handle the truth.


- The promo cast pics for BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS look cool — especially the ones for Nic Tse and my other cousin Tony.  The only one that looks kind of cheesy, sadly, is Leon Lai as a beggar.  It looks like “Leon Lai is going to a Halloween party as a Rastafarian” more than anything.

- Toss Up: Who looked hotter at the Cannes closing ceremony: Shu Qi or Zhang Ziyi?  Shu Qi.  Hard to resist a girl who shows a little tongue.  It’s also hard to like a girl whose lips eschew the simple pleasure of instant noodles.  (See below for relevant links)

Shu Qi at Cannes

- Why I need surgery to remove the foot from my mouth:

“Sanney, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Sabrina.”

“Ah, Sabrina, like the teenage witch …”

Think it might have gone better if I had said: “Ah, Sabrina, like the chaffeur’s daughter … “

Probably not.

* * * * *

From the comments on News Links: Mother’s Day 2009:

glenn writes: Wow, you have a thing for Karena Lam! Or you are more infatuated with her than previously.

No, no, I don’t have a thing for Karena Lam. It’s just that she’s now the boss’s wife so proper respect must be paid.

laicheukpan writes: Since when did Karena Lam become Mrs. Kozo? 

Kozo recently told everyone that he went to “Italy” for a “film festival” but, c’mon, look at the picture of Kozo with Nick Cheung.  Was that really taken in Italy?  Or was it taken in the lobby of the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel where Nick Cheung was the best man at Kozo’s wedding to his secret girlfriend of twenty years?  Look outside the window behind Kozo’s shoulder, isn’t that one of the Petronas Towers in the background?

Kozo with his best man

Enough nonsense, let’s get to the links …


Hollywood Reporter Q&A: Johnnie To

Two Johnnies bid for Cannes glory

Johnnie To leads Asian charge at Cannes


Johnnie To poses with cast members at the VENGEANCE premiere

VENGEANCE star Michelle Ye Enjoys Cannes


Asian directors show realism of gangland violence

Asian cinema gains traction as Hollywood takes a tumble

Ang Lee Partnership Gives Him Broad Film Focus

Ang Lee is `Taking Woodstock’

Taking Woodstock scenes really marijuana inspired

Ang Lee’s 10-minute standing ovation

Asia’s dark pics make a splash at Cannes

Cannes’ red carpet is blood-soaked

Cannes wrap-up: slideshows of Cannes closing ceremony:

More Shu Qi and Zhang Ziyi:

Oops! Be Careful with Your Lipstick, Ziyi!

Chinese media continue to show their love for Zhang Ziyi

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS premiere: Michelle Yeoh, Shu Qi, Zhang Ziyi


Decipher Confucius’ Alleged Romance

More Production photos:, Oriental Daily News via Xinhua

John Woo: Fox in Chinese production with ‘Ransom’

‘Sophie’s Revenge’ nabs buyers (Zhang Ziyi’s new romantic comedy)

Photo of Fan Bingbing from SOPHIE’S REVENGE


DETECTIVE DEE promo logo released

Jiang Wen Will “Let the Bullets Fly”

Fortissimo picks up international rights to Yonfan’s Prince of Tears

RELATED: Art house pic ‘Prince of Tears’ finds home

Retired Actress Brigitte Lin Returns to Martial-Arts Film

There’s no new news in the article.  Same old speculation based on Yip Chun’s rambling.  Nothing official yet.


Simon Yam: Breaking The Boundaries

Malaysia Star feature on Tony Leung Ka-Fai and I CORRUPT ALL COPS

Variety’s Hong Kong Cinema at 100 feature

Vanishing history `robs city of movie magic’

Carina Lau: Nude photos my lowest point

More Carina Lau: Actress Carina Lau ready for motherhood

Surviving a blacklist brought Tsai Chin new found freedom


HK Magazine reviews NIGHT AND FOG

Taipei Times reviews TRUE WOMAN FOR SALE


‘Red Cliff’ to Hit North America

Did Aaron Kwok accidentally expose himself during a concert?

Maggie Cheung Okay with ‘Basterds’ Cut

Director Chu: Lin Chi Ling is more than empty vessel

Charlene Choi: $100,000 for screen kiss

Wedding bells for Miriam Yeung?

Air stewardess complains about Zhang Ziyi’s arrogance

Apparently, Zhang Ziyi does not eat instant noodles.

Faye Wong’s shampoo advertisement exposed

Ad photos courtesy

Taipei Times Pop Stop: Jay Chou, Lee-Hom Wang, Stefanie Sun, Faye Wong

Fann Wong marries Christopher Lee

Zhang Yimou’s Turandot Fervor a Riddle for Critics

Zhang Yimou honoured


Jackie Chan plays the underdog


Jackie Chan takes on media “toughies”

Big Brother Jackie in South Korea:

OPINION: Jackie Chan, Gao Zhisheng, and the True Meaning of Bravery


Nic Tse performs in Shanghai

Maggie Cheung, Simon Yam and Qi Qi, Kathy Chow Man-Kei, others

On May 21st, Louis Vuitton opened their “A Passion for Creation” exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art

Fan Bingbing graces Elle Magazine

Lynn Xiong (aka Aaron Kwok’s secret girlfriend, actress who played Ip Man’s wife)

“Guest Editor in Chief” Zhou Xun

RELATED: Photos courtesy

Takeshi Kaneshiro wants you to buy Sapporo Beer

Ruby Lin in New Ad

Vivian Chow promotes Elyze Body Rejuvenation Centres

Big S and Little S pose for P Style Image Studio

Karen Mok sells shampoo in Shanghai

Louis Koo promotes Pepsi

Fan Bingbing, Tian Shin, others promote Forevermark diamonds


A Chinese Legacy in Tinseltown

Asians still waiting for equality in film roles

Image credits: Kozo Entertainment Group (Kozo/Nick Cheung), Agence France-Presse (Shu Qi)

Quick Thoughts on STAR TREK


May freakin’ 8th … I wake up this morning, draw the curtains in my bedroom and see the ground covered in snow that’s fluttering gently to the ground … gotta love life on the Prairies.


May 8th, 2009: STAR TREK

A good time at the movies but not a pulse-raising, endorphin-releasing experience like, say, last year’s IRONMAN.  I think many of the negative comments I’ve been reading on boards come out of just wanting to be contrarian because I don’t think there are any outrageous missteps or glaring false notes.  The casting, in particular, is spot on.  The only criticism that comes to mind is that the lines for Eric Bana’s villain, Captain Nero, came across very 2009 — so much so that you half expect him to drop an Obama reference or something.  Maybe it was the lines, maybe it was the way Eric Bana delivered them.  Anyway, that’s a small, small complaint.

Random Thoughts:

- Good God!  That was Winona Ryder playing Spock’s Mom in the movie.  I’m now officially an old man.

- Zoe Saldana … whoa!

- Judging from the glimpses I saw of them in the trailer, the compelling hot babes in the G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA look very compelling.

- The trailer for TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN makes me wonder if I should check out TRANSFORMERS.

- The new TERMINATOR is rated PG-13?  What the hell?  So this is what commerce has wrought.  Maybe Skynet should take over humanity now.

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