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The Golden Rock Golden Bauhinia Awards Report

The 12th annual Golden Bauhinia Awards just wrapped up. This year, the award attracted controversy when it gave 10 nominations to Pang Ho-Cheung’s Exodus before it screened anywhere publicly. Shown on second-tier TV network ATV, the show was not live and seemed to be edited quickly to compress running time. Even worse, most of the winners didn’t even show up to claim their award, although Charlene Choi recorded a short clip for her previously-informed win for most popular performance in Simply Actors. However, that clip was in Mandarin because any artist signed with big network TVB means they also give the exclusive Cantonese interview rights to them, as in any TVB-signed artist may not speak Cantonese with any Hong Kong network except TVB.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the winners:

Best new actor:

Goum Ian Iskandar - After This, Our Exile

Best Sound:

Kinson Tsang - Confession of Pain

Best music:

Peter Kam - Protege

Art direction:

Tim Yip - The Banquet

Most popular actress:

Charlene Choi - Mostly Actors

Best cinematography:

Andrew Lau/Lai Yiu-Fai - Confession of Pain

Best editing:

Patrick Tam Ka-Ming - After This, Our Exile

Most Creative:


Best action choreography:

Donnie Yen - Dragon Tiger Gate

Best supporting actress:

Zhou Xun - The Banquet

Best Supporting Actor:

Goum Ian Iskandar - After This, Our Exile

Best Film Song:

Curse of the Golden Flower/The Banquet (tie)

Best screenplay:

Patrick Tam Ka-Ming/Tin Kai-Leong - After This, Our Exile

Best actress:

Charlene Choi - Simply Actors/Gong Li - Curse of the Golden Flowers (tie)

Best actor:

Lau Ching Wan (he actually showed up!) - My Name is Fame

Best Director:

Johnnie To - Exiled

Best film:

Exiled, After This Our Exile, Battle of Wits (3-way tie)

So in the end, looks like those early nominations for Exodus really did end up hurting its chances. And why the hell did Battle of Wits get so many nominations? In fact, why were Lau Ching-Wan and Pang Ho-Cheung the only two that showed up to receive something? The people that DID show up (Simon Yam, Lam Suet, Nick Cheung) didn’t get anything.

Any thoughts? Who didn’t deserve something? Who deserved something? Who cares about the Golden Bauhinia? Actually, I do; it’s like the Golden Globes of Hong Kong film, people.

By the way, no news post tonight. Song of the Day might come after this.

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