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Archive for February 14th, 2007

Everyone’s feeling the love

While I’ll be staying at home with my DVD player tonight, many people out there are feeling the joy of Valentine’s Day:

- Hou Hsiao-Hsien is feeling the love because Film Distribution bought the rights to his new film The Red Balloon. Universe is feeling the love because someone bought the rights to Benny Chan’s still-filming “Invisible Target.” And the Pang Brothers continue the love they’re getting after the modest box office take of The Messengers by selling the rights to their new films “The Photo” and “Darling Lover”

Source: Variety Asia

- Production companies are loving Japan because distributors from there are not quite buying as many films this year, and they should be lucky to be able to tap into their market.

Source: Variety Asia

- Hong Kong is feeling the love because Korean superstar Rain is heading to Hong Kong again, this time for the screening of “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK” because it will open the great Hong Kong International Film Festival in March.

Source: Variety Asia

- Chinese viewers are feeling the love because Access Hollywood is heading to Chinese screens, and it will probably be just as crappy and filled with trash gossips as the American version.

Source: Variety Asia

- Hong Kong audiences and Derek Yee are feeling the love because Protege opened to spectacular numbers on Tuesday night, scoring HK$950,000 on 45 screens. Remember that Protege only opened on Tuesday night, which means each theatre only played from 3 to maybe 5 shows at most that night. Look for its real test to come when everything else opens by tomorrow in Hong Kong.


- The brother of a soldier who fought at Iwo Jima is feeling the love because a WWII veteran who picked up a box of letters 62 years ago has decided to return it after said sibling gave a long interview on Japanese television. Pardon me for being a cynic, but why wait 62 years? Maybe Clint Eastwood has something to do with it…


- and finally, DVD collectors like me are feeling the love because Hong Kong is seeing so many new releases these couple of days (ahead of Lunar New Year, I’m sure). Some of the major releases include:

Confession of Pain
Curse of the Golden Flower
After This, Our Exile (sadly, only the theatrical version)
Death Note (a cheap alternative to the uber-expensive Japanese set coming up)
Casino Royale
Jan Lam’s latest talk show (which I wish they use better production values for. Just because it’s someone talking doesn’t mean we don’t deserve serviceable video and audio quality, especially when you’re charging 27 bucks a pop)
There’s also a 2-disc special edition for James Yuen’s Heavenly Mission (which you won’t be able to find in Yesasia if you’re in the states because Tai Seng has the rights, sorry)

In the states, we also get Scorsese’s superior remake The Departed, and next week we see the masterpiece Babel. Feeling the love, indeed. Copyright © 2002-2019 Ross Chen