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One more for the road

I’ve already written three posts today, so might as well go out with one more thing that I must share:

Personal favorite Shiina Ringo was on the classy music show “Bokura no Ongaku” (Our Music), where entertainers (usually one musician and a celebrity or two musicians) in an interview plus a few performances, this past weekend. It’s her third appearance (an awesome clip of her first appearance is here), and she delivers a spectacular performance of my favorite song on her new album: Gamble. A description of the show (including her interview with baseball star Ichiro) is here. But first, go look at the video, it has a 65-people orchestra, for crying out loud, what else do you want?

For those who don’t feel like listening to Japanese, here’s another performance from the show of her singing in half-comprehensible English.

Both these songs appear in the film Sakuran.

Expect this blog to get back to normal posting tomorrow. But it will be late, since I’m gonna be watching The Lives of Others tomorrow, so expect a review or two.

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