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An Early Sunday

Seeing that it’s Sunday, and I don’t have that much time today, thought I’d just update a little earlier today:

- New reviews, one for Kiyoshi Kuorsawa’s Sakebi from the Daily Yomiuri, one for Strawberry Shortcakes (Which Jason Gray wrote about subtitling it for) from Variety Asia, and one for the very very little-known (honestly, even this one slipped out of my hands)Wife From Hell from lovehkfilm.

- In case guys haven’t found out yet, the second and last installment of the Death Note films, The Last Note, is coming out on the cheaper HK DVD alternative on March 13th, except it’s not that much cheaper. I might just wait for the eventual box set or something.

- Hoga Central has the preliminary first-day box office result for the Genghis Khan movie, and it’s 25% ahead of Yamato, so it’s almost officially a hit.

- Lastly, it’s not much to get extremely excited about, but the first image (yes, just image) for the Johnnie To-Tsui Hark-Ringo Lam film Iron Triangle is out thanks to Twitch. You don’t even get to know whose section the image is from, but it looks pretty cool (I’m guessing Tsui Hark’s though).

That’s it for today, but tomorrow I’ll have box office and drama ratings. In other words, something for me to get excited about, but not necessarily for you guys.

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