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The Golden Rock song of the day - 3/17/07

Today’s song of the day is from Hong Kong rap group Fama, discovered by DJ Tommy. In their second album “Music Tycoon,” there were two main collaborations, one was “Love is Like Edison Chan,” featuring, you guessed it, supposed rapper Edison Chan, the other is today’s song: “Love is Like Chet Lam.”

Why? Because I’ve been choosing all rock and ballads since I started this thing, and I wanted to show that I listen to a bit of hip-hop too. Of course, I know that this song isn’t hip-hop, it’s just rapping with a guitar.

So why THIS song, then? Because it’s rap with a guitar. Because it undoes all those ideal notions we have about love, most notably George Lam, who sang that “love is like the sun and the air.” In the main hook, Chet Lam and Fama kill the idealist in all of us and sings:

Oh 叫佢食陽光空氣

Only a couple of hundred bucks in your account
and you still want to raise her daughter
tell him to eat the sun and the air

The lesson of the song: Real love is for those who can afford it. Ideal love is for those poor bastards with no money. It’s painful, but there it is.

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