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Asian Film Awards results

I’m usually more loyal to Variety because they recently freed up their online content, and it just loads up faster. But leave it to The Hollywood Reporter to get the first report of the Asian Film Awards. They even got a list of the winners already:

Best film — “The Host,” produced by Choi Yong Bae (South Korea)

Best director — Jia Zhangke, “Still Life” (China)

Best actor — Song Kang-ho, “The Host” (South Korea)

Best actress — Miki Nakatani, “Memories of Matsuko” (Japan)

Best cinematographer — Kim Hyung-goo, “The Host” (South Korea)

Best screenwriter — Mani Haghighi, “Men at Work” (Iran)

Best editor — Lee Chatametikool, “Syndromes and a Century” (Thailand/France/Austria)

Best composer — Rahayu Supanggah, “Opera Jawa” (Indonesia)

Best production designer — Tim Yip “The Banquet” (Hong Kong/China)

Best visual effects — The Orphanage, “The Host”

Yay for The Host and Miki Nakatani, although I REALLY wanted Exiled to win something. There’s always the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Speaking of The Host, KFCcinema posted a report from the Korean Film Council announcing The Host as a success. It cites that it’s earned $631,000 on its first week of release, which just ain’t true. While its second weekend was pretty good with only a 21% drop on 2 less screens and a slightly lower per-screen average, it is, sad to say, a disappointment. Hell, I checked the Film Council’s website, and the 631,000 figure is for the Chinese box office anyway.

Now that it’s the BEST ASIAN FILM of last year, can Americans get off their asses and go pay to see it now?

A real report coming later today

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