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The Golden Rock song of the day - 3/21/07

Today’s song of the day comes from the Peter Chan film Perhaps Love, and while the vocals on this song is nowhere near as good as Jacky Cheung, its use in the film still makes it one of the best songs in the musical. The song is Zhou Xun’s “Out There.”

Why? Because it’s a companion piece to “The World Out There,” a song that was used in the film that was NOT created for the film (While the original song is about a guy losing a girl who went out there, the Perhaps Love song is from the perspective of the girl). It not only works as an effective companion piece either - it also fits the Zhou Xun’s character perfectly. It’s a touching examination of someone who looks to the world out there for some type of salvation, and it’s a pretty damn good song by itself.

Here’s the original song, performed by someone else (because the only version with the original singer is a badly recorded live version where you hear the audience more than the singer):

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