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Archive for April 20th, 2007

The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/20/07

Today’s song of the day is again inspired by a movie (when is it isn’t?). From the excellent Japanese sports film Ping Pong, this is the film’s theme song by the broken up techno group Supercar. I first heard this song in the trailer for Ping Pong, only to find out the film is a much more cerebral experience than its energetic theme song would suggest. From the film’s awesome soundtrack and the album Highvision, it’s Supercar’s “Yumegiwa Last Boy.”

Why? Because it was a very rare instance where a film’s theme song hooked me as much as this song did. Because Supercar was one of the coolest techno group to come out of Japan. Just close your eye and get into it.

Here is the trailer, where it all began.

Happy Happy Friday

Friday is upon us, which mean it’s a smaller edition of the daily news because I’ll be spreading them over the weekend.

- Let’s start, as usual, with the Thursday opening day numbers in Hong Kong. I should have seen it coming, but Gold Label’s latest film Love is Not All Around, which promises to continue the mean streak left by the ending of director Yip Lim Sum’s previous effort Marriage with a Fool, shot to the top of the box office after preview screenings last weekend. On 34 screens, Love is not All Around made HK$770,000 for a total of already HK$1.35 million after previews. Look for this to do pretty well this weekend, and sadly for Gold Label to keep making more films.

As for other openers, Hollywood stinkers Epic Movie and Shooter both make HK$200,000 on 26 and 29 screens, respectively. Meanwhile, the Edward Norton/Naomi Watts art film The Painted Veil, co-starring Anthony Wong and shot in China, makes HK$60,000 on 5 screens on its first day, making it the best limited opener this weekend. But look for Spider Lilies, which expanded by one more screen, to rule the limited-release box office this weekend. On Thursday, it made HK$100,000 on 10 screens. However, I do expect Love is Not All Around to take away business because of a similar target audience.

- Continuing from yesterday’s report of the Cannes line-up, Variety Asia also recognizes the absence of Asian films in this year’s festival, despite an Asian filmmaker being chosen to open the festival.

- Meanwhile, Jason Gray has not only more on the sole Japanese selection in competition this year, but also the Udine Far East Film Festival, which got a hilarious mention in Edmond Pang’s AV.

- Before its appearance at Cannes, there’s already a review up for one of the two South Korean films in competition - Kim Ki-Duk’s Breath.

- Speaking of review, Variety also has an early review of Spiderman 3, and it pretty much echoes the review I posted up yesterday. On the other hand, Hollywood Reporter seemed to have loved it. Sounds like it’s gonna be fun, but a bit of a mess as well.

- Since we’re already talking about reviews, Hot Fuzz, the much-anticipated (at least on my list) follow-up by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to Shaun of the Dead opens today in the States. I could be a big fan and go opening day, but I prefer to go next week to avoid the human traffic. Anyway, the reviews are mostly positive, with an over-80% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I consider that a good thing, yes.

It doesn’t seem like much, but tomorrow I still have plenty of news, including plenty of reviews and film news. It’s all an effort to make this blog more readable from day to day. Copyright © 2002-2024 Ross Chen