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An update after all

With the pending issue solved, looks like I do have some time for a bit of news.

- As reported yesterday, Babel opened at 3rd place over the weekend in Japan. The numbers are out, and despite the 3rd place opening, the grosses are actually quite high. While Eiga Consultant reports the opening is only 94% of The Departed (1.6 billion yen total) and 55% of Letters From Iwo Jima (5.5 billion yen total), it’s probably more fair to compare to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s previous outing 21 Grams. Babel opened with roughly 272 million yen on 353 screens, while 21 Grams opened back in June 2004 with 49 million yen on 158 screens, which is only 18% of Babel’s opening. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty good to me.

- Spiderman 3, meanwhile, opens big everywhere in Asia, breaking records wherever it’s going. In fact, in Hong Kong (where opening day May 1st was a holiday), it made an amazing HK$7.39 million on an equally amazing 122 screens. Man, this movie IS going to be huge, isn’t it?

- The largest Japanese girl pop group of all time Morning Musume is also now the best-selling Japanese girl pop group of all time. They’ve hit a slump lately with sales, but the fact that they’ve managed to hit this mark must mean that they were HUGE way back when (obviously, I’m not a fan).

- The blame game continues between China and the United States over piracy. Now a Chinese organization is saying that piracy in China is because Hollywood isn’t doing enough to spread legal versions of films in the country. Hmm, what about its stringent censorship laws?

- Twitch warns that the Hong Kong region 3 DVD of a recently-released Japanese animated film may not be worth buying after all.

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