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The Golden Rock song of the day - 5/7/07

Today’s song is a rare solo effort from Keisuke Kawata, the lead singer of Japanese pop icon Southern All Stars. Since 1978, these guys have released over 50 singles and 13 albums. It’s also a rare pick, because the single hasn’t even been released yet. The theme song for the drama Proposal Daisakusen (also known as Operation Love), it’s “Ashita Harerukana” (Will Tomorrow be Sunny?).

Why? Like many of Southern All Stars’ songs that’s been picked for Hong Kong pop hits, this one is riped for a Chinese cover. Even without his band, Kawata still manages to pen a listener-friendly yet memorable pop song without feeling outdated at all.

Here it is used in the drama, where Kawata actually makes an appearance. No word whether he’s actually in the drama or not, though.

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