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An Outward Shout

In light of Ryuganji’s, EastSouthWestNorth, and Lovehkfilm’s recent shout-outs to this blog, It’s probably a good time for me to acknowledge some, if not all, of the links I have on my right here as well.

Film Philia seems to be a new site, and updates about once a week-2 weeks with news and trailer links that are short and to the point.

Like him or not (he hate Lord of the Rings, but loves Michael Mann and Babel), Hollywood Elsewhere is an enormous informative column/blog about the movie business. Jeffrey Wells is indeed a bit opinionated for some people’s taste, but he’s a columnist, not a reporter. So what else can you expect?

I don’t think I have to profess my love for Lovehkfilm anymore, or I’d just seem like huge suck-up. Plus, they have a really talented reviewer that seem to really like the Hong Kong defunct rap group LMF….

Ryuganji doesn’t update his site often enough, but his page’s feed to all news Japanese films may just make this blog’s existence a waste of internet space. Good thing I know a thing or two about Hong Kong cinema too.

TV in Japan is just kick-ass. Even if there’s no context to the clips sometimes (Japanese TV is not especially weird; it’s just as sensational as any other mainstream TV industry, but in another culture), it never ceases to provide hilarious clips that I somehow never caught when I was there. The reason I don’t mention it in my post is because the whole thing is about entertainment, and they update it as frequently as I do anyway.

A Pity I’m an Aquarius is an interesting photography blog, even if it doesn’t have much film stuff in it. Plus she was one of the first people to link to The Golden Rock, and I’m more than happy to return the favor.

Asian Cinema - While on the Road is by Brian of As a programmer for the New York Asian Film Festival, he gets to watch a lot of Asian films that I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on.

I don’t do much celebrity gossips on this site. I leave it to Daily Dumpling to fulfill all of your Asian celebrity news instead.

Professor David Bordwell and Kristen Thompson’s blog is always informative for an aspiring filmmaker and those interested in film as an art form. As a film studies major who almost went into film research for grad school, it’s always an enormously rewarding reading experience for me, especially those entries about shot lengths.

There are not enough words (at least in my limited Japanese vocabulary) to describe how thankful I am for a blog like Eiga Consultant. I didn’t think anyone cares about box office statistics as much as I do until I found this blog. It’s been very very useful for this site, for what I wanted to do with this blog, and for satisfying my own curiosity with having to know the box office statistics of everywhere I’ve lived before.

And Hoga News was the how I found Eiga Consultant in the first place. Providing translations of Japanese film news and box office statistics, Hoga News was also the first major site that linked to the Golden Rock, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Old school Hong Kong martial arts movies aren’t my cup of tea (I just didn’t get to grow up with it, and I have no time to catch up with it now), but head over to Hong Kong and Kung Fu DVD News and Reviews if they are your cup of tea.

Jason Gray provides an interesting inside look at Japanese cinema - both mainstream and the lesser known stuff like Pink films - that you can’t find in the news.

r@sardonicsmile just has a really cool pop culture blog that seems to share similar sensibility as I. Too bad she doesn’t update very often.

Fellow Lovehkfilm reviewer Sanjuro shows so much knowledge in comic and early contemporary cinema cultures in Ronin On Empty that I honestly feel a little behind on everything. No, I haven’t seen any of the Rocky movies, but he has, and even reviews all of them! Like the previous link, I wish it’d be updated a little more often, but it understandably isn’t because of his schedule.

Web of Significance is a blog that’s about a bit of everything, and it’s always informative. Of course, I’m especially attracted to the movies stuff, but it’s all good anyway.

Just added is Hongkie Town, a blog I’ve been following for over a year now about the adventures of a foreigner living in Hong Kong. It doesn’t have much movie stuff (a review here and there), but it’s still immensely rewarding with fun stories from Hong Kong and abroad, music stuff, and political observations.

Also added is EastSouthWestNorth, a blog that mostly cover Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan political news with translations and links. Extremely useful for anyone interested in seeing how the media work in these three places. Even crazy enough to link to this blog twice within a week. Extremely honored, I am.

And I just realized that I never put Korea Pop Wars on the blog list, even though I use it every week to look at the Korean box office. Shame on me. That glaring error has now been corrected.

Thank you all for the knowledge I have picked up from your sites, and if you happen to read this as well, thank you for your support as well.

4 Responses to “An Outward Shout”

  1. Spike Says:

    Thanks for adding me. Knew you had good taste!

  2. Brian Says:

    Thanks as well - some interesting blogs there I hadn’t known about. I need to get around the internet more - check the same 7 or so sites and not much more and there is so much stuff out there. Keep up the great work on this one - always a pleasure to read.

  3. lissa Says:

    I really hasn’t seem any films lately so that’s why I don’t have many film reviews. I do like Hong Kong films but I rarely get to seem them here in the US except on DVD.

    Thanks for linking to me.

  4. rachael Says:

    your wish is my command. muahahaha.

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