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The Golden Rock song of the day - 6/13/07

Today’s Song of the Day is a delayed choice, since I already wrote about Kekkon Dekinai Otoko last week. You guessed it, from Every Little Thing’s album Crispy Park, it’s “Suimi”

Online Videos by

The Golden Rock is taking a extended weekend break as he goes out of town to see a few of his friends graduate. We might be back with a post on late Sunday (and I suspect my RSS reader will provide quite a bit to read), but we’ll be back on Monday for sure. Try and miss us a lot, now.

One Response to “The Golden Rock song of the day - 6/13/07”

  1. rachael Says:

    yeah, might as well post an obligatory, hope you’re having a nice break! you’ll have to report about something like miyazaki aoi’s marriage when you get back. haha!

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