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The Golden Rock Podcast - 6/25/07

You can definitely hear a few audio flubs, and the uploading process took forever, but here it is finally:

The First Golden Rock Podcast - (right-click, save as. 5.38mb, 7:50, 96kbps).

Now I can finally get to today’s entry.

3 Responses to “The Golden Rock Podcast - 6/25/07”

  1. Don Says:

    Way to go! Just listened to it during lunch. Now you’ve got all the technical stuff sorted out, I’ll be looking forward to more film talk.

  2. Jump7Miles Says:

    Good job! Keep doing the podcasts!

  3. rachael Says:

    ah, finally got round to listening. i still have an md even though i bought an ipod recently, but never really did much recording on it (i meant to use it for field recordings).

    i already said stuff like how much i didn’t like listening to my own voice on my podcast, but yours is definitely not as bad as you think :)

    i don’t think you need to justify the amount of japanese film news you report on, because i think thematically and stylistically, production values etc seem to be more well thought out than other asian cinema currently. i have a hard time finding korean films that i like - mostly very horribly surface thematically… hong kong cinema is just a language bias for me :p

    anyway, in short - yay! podcast! and the weekly summary is a good idea.

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