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The Golden Rock Podcast - 7/1/2007

It was a little late (due to technical difficulties yet again), but here it is:

The first official Golden Rock Podcast (right click –> save as; 96Kbps MP3; 25.4 mb; 35:18)

Theme song this week: Shiina Ringo - Gamble

On the podcast this week:

- Hong Kong films after the Handover

- Hong Kong Summer movies

- Korea as a major box office force in Asia?

- Disappointing Japanese drama season - why?

- Follow-up on Andy Lau vs. CCTV vs. Chinese Netizens

- Kill Bill sequels/spin-offs

- Nipplegate (Yumiko Cheng)

Please do enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment or two or email me some feedback.

And thanks for the comments for the last Podcast!!!

2 Responses to “The Golden Rock Podcast - 7/1/2007”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You did a pretty good job but the tone makes the podcast a bit dull, and I think it would be better if you added some background music to it.

  2. GoldenRockProductions Says:

    Hi, anonymous,

    Thanks for the comment. I think I’m really going to try and shorten the length and see how it goes without music, just because it already takes me 2-3 hours to edit out the stutters and flubs. Anyway, talking continuously by myself for 37 minutes is pretty exhausting anyway.

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