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The Golden Rock - July 8th, 2007 Edition

The Podcast is all done, but will come a little later.

- As reported early in the week, Die Hard 4.0 had quite a huge opening in Japan, making 600 million yen on its opening weekend (to add to the advanced preview gross). That opening is actually 99% of Die Hard with a Vengeance’s opening, which ended up making a pretty amazing 7.2 billion yen 12 years ago. However, considering that the series has made gradually more money with each installment (the first film did 1.8 billion, and the second film did 5.11 billion yen), so will this become the downward trend in the series?

- In “Why do celebrities matter that much” news today, Ozzy Osbourne has been enlisted to help Taiwan get recognized by the UN by joining a gothic band on a tour around the world. What the hell were they smoking when they came up with that idea?

- A humorous observation by the Hong Kong Films blog from Hong Kong looks at the classification papers for the new Hong Kong film Mr. Cinema. It has been somewhat controversial for glamorizing the left-wingers in Hong Kong by telling a selective version of Hong Kong history, including taking out the Tiananmen Square incident. Ironically, the classification for the film was issued on June 4th, the 18th anniversary of the incident.

- The TV Tokyo Thursday Night Western Theater, unlike the weekly movie time slot on American networks, has lasted 2000 weeks and seems to be going strong. On the other hand, the big networks in the United States have pretty much stopped showing movies during primetime on any set schedule. I don’t know why this is news, I was kind of desperate.

- Twitch has a link to the first 12 minutes of Fumihiko Sori’s Vexville, which is being streamed on video rental chain Tsutaya on their server. I got lazy and didn’t get to check out the clip, but I’m sure it’s visually exciting, if what’s in the trailer is an indication of anything.

- Baidu, the website that was once accused of providing illegal download of music to its users, has now struck a deal with Rock Music to provide music streaming, with the record company getting advertising revenue. Finally, someone that gets the “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” concept.

- I forgot to do a review for Deadly War in Hiroshima, the second episode of the classic Yakuza Papers series. It features a crazy overacting Sonny Chiba as a reckless gang leader with an oversized ambition. I mention this because Sonny Chiba has mentioned that he is planning to quit acting at the end of the year.

- Lastly, Michael Wells turns in his last report at the New York Asian Film Festival, although I personally don’t mind if Hula Girl gets the audience award.

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