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A Poll For All

As much as I enjoy sharing a song everyday, Youtube sadly does not contain every single song I like (nor does it contain every single song you like). I figured I should take advantage of the polls feature and throw this question out there - Should the Song of the Day feature continue even after the upcoming hiatus? A simple yes or no would do (though if you feel like adding more, a comment or an e-mail would be nice too). Look on your right for that poll.

The poll ends at midnight, August 4th Hong Kong time (that’s 9 am August 3rd San Francisco time, and 5 pm GMT August 3rd).

Here’s a little video to encourage you all to vote (not for this guy, though)

4 Responses to “A Poll For All”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    About the poll: I didn’t want to vote a flat “No”, since I think it’s a nice feature, and I’ve often enjoyed them. But still, one could well imagine that an “Only when something strikes me as particularly worthy of sharing” policy, so to say, would make it easier to maintain the webmaster’s standards, and lessen the burden of maintaining the website, which could not be a bad thing overall.

    About the election pitch: Maybe this guy should start a Sex Pistols tribute band. As in, “…dunno what I want, but I know how to get it, I wanna DESTROY!… …Anarchy in the JP!…”. Some of those guys can be real meticulous about this kind of thing - it was ages ago, but I heard of (alas, only heard of, not heard) a Led Zeppelin tribute band over there which would go through all the bootleg tapes they could get their hands on, and always announce the exact date and venue, as far as known at the time, of the performance they were re-enacting!

    - NK

  2. denys Says:

    I vote yes. Good to watch when bored at work.

  3. GoldenRockProductions Says:

    Thanks for all the current comments


    I actually really enjoying finding these Songs of the Day. But on those days that I don’t have any inspired choices, it’s hard to pick one from a random pool of songs I like, and yes, it becomes a bit of a burden on those days. This is especially hard when I have a personal rule to not pick two songs by the same artist within a month. Rest assured, The Song of the Day feature will not lower my current subpar existing standards for the site.

    And can you believe that guy managed to get 15,000 votes in that Tokyo mayoral election? I’m a little freaked out too.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Excuse me it took a while - that’s good to hear. About the Song of the Day, that is.

    Now - I’m casting around a bit here - to look at the bright side, it would be nice to think that, at least, around 15,000 people considered it worth their while to cast a protest vote of sorts, instead of demonstrating total indifference towards the electoral system…

    - NK

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