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The Golden Rock Song of the Day - 8/1/2007

Today’s Song of the Day bends the rules a little bit by offering a duet, so it half-follows the week’s theme. But it’s OK, because its classic status makes it worth bending the rules for. By Chiang Chi Kwong (who actually retired from singing because of the pressure to follow up such as hit) and Wai Yi Shan, it’s “Why Meet, Though We Have Known Each Other.” (Don’t ask, it’s a Chinese phrase) You can find this on many Cantopop duet compilations such as this one.

Here’s just the song

Here’s a live version (if you watch TVB, then you can probably recognize Chiang Chi Kwong. He wrote the song as well)

And here it is immortalized by Stephen Chow….in a different Chinese dialect (don’t ask)

One Response to “The Golden Rock Song of the Day - 8/1/2007”

  1. rotting teeth Says:

    oh i never realised this was his song!

    he is so loveable everytime he turns up in a drama, hahahaha.

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