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The Golden Rock Song of the Day - FINAL EDITION

After 139 Songs of the Day, it’s time to retire the feature. After 140 days of sending in some of my favorite music, it’s time to push the feature to weekly, because 1) I just can’t think of so many songs without repeating one artist within a month, and 2) I just can’t find so much songs on Youtube anymore.

So now I will be posting Songs of the Week on Sunday to replace the Best of the Week and Podcast features (no, my voice shall not be heard on the internet any longer). It will start this Sunday.

Until then, I offer you a chance to tell me your songs of the day. Just send a email at TheGoldenRock AT gmail DOT com, telling me why you love a certain song, send me any video link that i can embed onto the blog, and it will all be copied and pasted (i.e. no extra work for me) as an individual. Sorry, no reward except for one day of internet glory, and only “serious” submissions will be considered.

By the way, you will be limited to one song a week.

Until then, I offer you a last song of the day. From their self-titled debut album and also their latest compilation of remastered tracks, it’s Three Dog Night’s “One.”

Why did I pick this? Because it was looped for 8 minutes for the introductory sequence of one of my favorite movies Magnolia. That cover was by Aimee Mann.

One Response to “The Golden Rock Song of the Day - FINAL EDITION”

  1. glenn ( Says:

    wow, you are not only a HK film fan but a Magnolia fan? Great minds do indeed think alike.

    I am a pretty big fan of Paul Thomas Anderson — I think the guy can do no wrong and while, yes, he may be obviously influenced by Scorsese and Altman, he is turning his influences into something fresh and orginal and is at least taking chances in American cinema.

    Did you see the trailer for his next flick yet? There Will Be Blood? Looks like he is channelling Terence Malick/Days of Heaven now which is also fine by me.

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