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The Golden Rock Box Office Report - 9/26/07

The Japanese box office numbers came out, and as it is always the case with family films, Miss Potter got dropped one place from the admissions ranking when the numbers came out because family films attract more people that buy cheaper tickets. So Naoko Ogigami’s Megane got bumped up to 6th place, beating the British film by a mere 592,000 yen in ticket sales. But it did open on just 72 screens, and Eiga Consultant reports that the film is breaking records and selling out on its Tokyo screens, so its debut is actually quite impressive.

While it’s the second holiday weekend in a row, the gross for most films were actually quite significant, with every film in the top 10 losing at least 30% of their business from the previous weekend. Even Harry Potter’s hopes of reaching that 10 billion yen mark doesn’t look too good right now.

- It was a public holiday today in Hong Kong, so no way of knowing how the Tuesday night shows were for the competing films. We’ll know more on Friday night.

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