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Archive for October 31st, 2007

The Golden Rock - October 31st, 2007 Edition

- Let’s first go over the Japanese box office numbers. Takashi Miike’s Crows Zero was quite a hit, making 397 million yen over the first two days from 259 screens, which was way more than enough to knock Hero off the top spot after holding it for 7 weeks. The drama adaptation is no slouch, though - it only lost under 18% of its business and is still on 475 screens. This is probably Fuji’s way of trying to push it to the 1- billion yen mark.

The other newcomers all found spots in the top 10, with Jigyaku No Uta (also known as Happily N’ever After) starring Miki Nakatani and Hiroshi Abe opening somewhat disappointingly at 8th place on 147 screens. Even more disappointing is Neil Jordan’s The Brave One starring Jodie Foster, which found only a 5th place opening after opening it on 294 screens and a big Hollywood-size premiere in Japan.

- The blog is now leaving the Oricon charts reporting to Tokyograph’s weekly reports because it seems like people don’t quite care about analysis of Japanese music charts. I care about numbers, but I deliver what people want, and I skip what people don’t. So, Bump of Chicken has two singles on the top 10, and a Morning Musume compilation album can only muster a 6th place debut.

- It’s reviews time! All from Variety this time are Russell Edwards’ review of the Tokyo International Film Festival opener Midnight Eagle, which is supposed to open day-and-date in Japan and North America, though it sounds kind of crappy. There’s also Robert Koehler’s review of Ryo Nakajima’s This World Of Ours, which is revealing plot details I’ve never heard of. Lastly, Derek Elley has a review of the Korean blockbuster May 18.

- Twitch has more about Danny Pang’s latest film In Love With the Dead. After reading the convoluted plot description, I honestly wonder if it’ll be able to top brother Oxide Pang’s The Detective.

By the way, I couldn’t get the trailer to work, but good luck to you.

- Just like The Forbidden Kingdom, Jet Li would like to tell you that The Mummy 3 may not be a very good movie.

- I know i should not judge a book based on its title, but why would anyone give $40 million for a film with a title like Laundry Warriors? I think it was the “We will deliver a stylized, partly anime feel, with the techniques of ‘300,’ but a look that is brighter” line that inspired their confidence. Their confidence, not mine.

Anyway, they’ll be shooting this thing in New Zealand.

- NHK will be airing a special of actress Takako Matsu’s singing career. For Hong Kong Japanese entertainment fans, Takako is known as half of the golden duo (with Kimura Takuya) that started the Japanese drama fever in the late 90s with the drama Love Generation. Perhaps that’s why I can’t really buy the idea of her being a singer.

- Kaiju Shakedown writes about Japanese director Masato Harada’s two latest movies. One of them happens to be that suicide song movie from earlier in the year that had advertisements in Japanese toilets.

- After the live-action franchise has proven to be a hit (though not very good in quality), Capcom and Sony will be working on a CG 3D feature animated film based on the Biohazard franchise set to be released in the second half of next year. For those not in the know, Biohazard is better known as Resident Evil outside Japan.

- Last but not least, director Senkichi Taniguchi, who directed several screenplays written by Akira Kurosawa, has passed away at 95. Copyright © 2002-2024 Ross Chen