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Archive for December 1st, 2007

The Golden Rock - December 1st, 2007 Edition.

- It’s reviews time! From Variety is Russell Edwards’ enthusiastic review for Always 2 (it’s enthusiastic enough to make me plan to search out for the first film on a used DVD on my upcoming trip) and also his review for the Rie Miyazawa-starrer The Invitation From Cinema Orion.

From Lovehkfilm guest review JMaruyama is a review of Japanese hit teen romance film Koizora, also known as the Sky of Love.

From Japan Times’ Mark Schilling has a review for the westerners-friendly geisha documentary Hannari - Geisha Modern. However, the theater website doesn’t indicate any English subtitles.

From the Daily Yomiuri, there’s a review by staff writer Tokiko Oba for Yoshimitsu Morita’s remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Tsubaki Sanjuro, which seems to suggest that while it’s not that good, just be lucky it’s not that bad.  Also, via the Daily Yomiuri is AP News’ positive review of Johnnie To/Wai Ka Fai’s Mad Detective.

- Thanks to Spiderman 3 and Resident Evil III, Sony Japan is having their best year at the Japanese box office ever. Coming up: More cash-in sequels!

-  While this is the best year ever at the Asian Television Forum, buyers can’t help but realize that there are two trade shows in Asia that aren’t competing, but will still have to fight for visitors because they happen within three weeks of each other.

- Yet another Japanese film awards time! At the Fumiko Yamaji Awards this week, Masayuki Suo takes the second best film award in a week for his Japanese legal system expose I Just Didn’t Do It. Meanwhile, Yuko Takeuchi received the best actress award for her “comeback” film Sidecar Ni Inu, and Riko Narumi won the best new actress award. No complete list of winner is available at this time.

- To help domestic films get their time of day at the multiplex, The Guangdong Film Company in China managed to convince multiplexes in some major Chinese cities to leave 50 screens aside to screen Chinese films, which includes Hong Kong-China co-productions.

- One of these co-productions will probably be Johnnie To’s latest romance Linger, which now has a trailer out with a link from Kaiju Shakedown. Copyright © 2002-2024 Ross Chen