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Archive for March 12th, 2008

The Golden Rock Box office report - 3/12/2008

- Hong Kong box office over the last weekend may not be quite comprehensive because I could only get the Monday stats. As expected, the Hollywood film 10,000 BC won the weekend with 45 screens. However, the bigger surprise is Soi Cheang’s Shamo debuting at 2nd place. Not sure if it’s Shawn Yue or the subject matter or the source material, but it’ll likely pass the disappointing gross of Dog Bite Dog. Meanwhile, the Hollywood remake of The Eye fail to get much audience, making just over HK$700,000 from 27 screens over the weekend. The limited opener The Orphanage didn’t do so well either, making only HK$240,000 over 4 days.

As for holdovers, Fatal Move suffered a big drop, now with HK$4.27 million after 12 days. Then again, who expected a movie like that would make that much? Juno has surpassed No Country for Old Men (HK$3.66 million vs. HK$2.75 million over 19 days) by so much that it can’t be just because it’s playing on more screens (11 vs. 8).

- The power of Doraemon prevails at the Japanese box office, as the latest animated feature with the robotic cat made 516 million yen from 344 screens to top the chart. However, that’s 92% of the opening for the previous film. Nevertheless, it’ll make a ton of cash. Meanwhile, Jumper opens pretty high at second place, The Golden Compass drops by 60%, the drama adaptation Kurosagi opens at 4th, but with an impressive screen average (and it’s 97% of the last TBS drama adaptation on the big screen), forget Vantage Point, L finally suffers a big drop, and wait, Lust, Caution is still in theaters, and it’s made about 200 million yen. Not bad at all.

- Let’s look at the Korean box office….The Chaser tops the charts again (now with 3.6 million admissions), and 4 opening films get places 4th to 7th. More details over at Korea Pop Wars. Copyright © 2002-2024 Ross Chen