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Golden Rock Podcast - Kenneth Bi Interview

Recently, I had the chance to speak to writer/director Kenneth Bi about his films and his view on the Hong Kong film industry. In the 27-minute interview, he talked about his background, his run-in with Singaporean censors, his view on the future of Hong Kong cinema, and even a bit on Quentin Tarantino. He’s an extremely informative person about the system and filmmaking because of his extended experience in the industry. In fact, he actually shared a lot of interesting stories from the Hong Kong film industry even in our private exchanges, so much that I wished that this was a regular feature instead of just a one-time interview.

You’ll notice that I didn’t ask much about The Drummer. The main reason for that is Kenneth already covers a lot of the process in his own blog, so spending a lot of time on The Drummer would just make things redundant.


Anyway, I’ll let the interview speak for itself. My special thanks to Candy Wong for taking tons of pictures along the way (that’ll be the clicking sound you hear throughout), and of course to Kenneth Bi for spending 27 minutes to talk to this small-time blogger.

I know this is not an iPod-supported format. Leave a comment or email me at TheGoldenRock AT gmail DOT com if you want the original WAV file, I’ll find some way to get it to you.

Part 1 (WMA, 9.45mb, 13:40)

Part 2 (WMA, 9.9mb, 14:22)

And my sincere apologies to Kenneth for making him take this picture:


Now that’s a good sport.

One Response to “Golden Rock Podcast - Kenneth Bi Interview”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Wow, good pic. Kozo should do that with every celebrity he meets (or happens to spot in a crowded coffeeshop).

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