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So much news I needed to post twice

More Hollywood-oriented news now.

- Rumors of a sequel to The Departed have now blown up to rumors of TWO sequels, and neither of them are based on the original sequels (one prequel, and one nonsensical sequel). At least they’re not making it back-to-back within one year.

Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

- Youtube has agreed to post up Japanese warnings on their website for users after a meeting with the dev…I mean the JASRAC to prevent postings of Japanese copyright materials. The blog “Watashi to Tokyo” also include an interesting story about JASRAC’s practices, which involve the bullying of a small neighborhood lounge that played copyrighted music and got smacked down. Japanese entertainment has always held out any possible chance of reaching the widest audience possible by holding out for an extra couple of bucks. No wonder Japanese artists can’t find success outside of Japan.

Source: Watashi To Tokyo

- I posted a link for the trailer for Peter Berg’s The Kingdom here before. Now the film’s release date has moved from April to September after phenomenal test group scores in no other place than Sacramento, California. Relying on just one town’s test scores may not be such as good idea, remember The Avengers?

Source: Yahoo News

- New York Post critic Lou Lumenick reports that the new Nicholas Cage actioner-comic-adaptation Ghost Rider will be released without any screenings for critics. I feel like my job is in more and more jeopardy every time one of these reports come out.

Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

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