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Not much of an independent spirit here

Was watching the Independent Spirit Awards, where Little Miss Sunshine bagged at least 4 awards, including best picture and best director(s) because it might just be one of the few films those people actually saw when they voted. Even though I liked it immensely, it may be the next most undeserved best picture winner if it wins the Oscar tomorrow night. Just a fair warning.

And can Sarah Silverman just start hosting every film award show from now on with no bleeping?

Anyway, slow news day, but just as important.

- Pop singer/actress/part-time musician Candy Lo has uploaded her latest song on her website. Actually, the link for the download is what the entire website is, and it’s not bad at all.

- This is why there needs to be a free flow of information on the internet: A Hong Kong blog has an expose on Hong Kong’s so-called hottest MTV director, nicknamed “Jacky” (who has done MTVs for mostly EEG artists). In an interview for Easyfinder, he talks about his MTV for Yumiko Cheng’s single “Up and Down,” which is outright copied from Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine MTV. This is a (translated) excerpt about his “creative process”

“A lot of dance songs are just pure Music Video (earlier in the article, he mentions three types of music videos - pure music videos, ones with story, and ones for advertisements), because inserting a story would just be hackneyed. I use a lot of graphics and abstract color tones to package it. The record company already decided that Yumiko would wear Chinese-style red and green clothes to dance. I felt that the clothes is like a kaleidoscope, so I found a lot of vintage toys to create that kaleidoscope effect.”

Yeah, I’m sure he’s that much of a genius.

the blog entry is here (The pictures on the left are from the Goldfrapp video while the ones on the right are of Yumiko Cheng’s)

- YTSL, a writer for the site Hong Kong Cinema: View From the Brooklyn Bridge, has posted a top 10 list for 2006 Hong Kong films on her blog here. She amazingly includes McDull the Alumni, which I’ve always contend is Hong Kong’s answer to the Monty Python films and comes even with a hell of a monologue by Jim Chim.

- Twitch has a link to the 6-and-a-half minute trailer for Takeshi Miike’s film adaptation of the game Ryu Ga Gotoku (or in American better known as Yakuza). I’m not a huge fan of Miike, but might this actually be good?

- So the panel investigating the natto TV scandal in Japan has now found even more “undesirable content” in the program from the past. Blah blah blah.

- And a final piece of news just for gossip’s sake, Daily Dumpling has a report on why the Chinese people don’t like their biggest star at the moment - Zhang Ziyi. *Gasp!* People don’t like Zhang Ziyi?! Lies, all lies!

Tomorrow, Oscar predictions, but only the major one because I’m too lazy to predict them all.

3 Responses to “Not much of an independent spirit here”

  1. YTSL Says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the link to my Top Ten list. Also, out of curiosity, can you clarify whether you think it is a good or bad thing for MCDULL: THE ALUMNI to be “Hong Kong’s answer [to] the Monty Python films” in your eyes? ;b

  2. YTSL Says:

    Hi again –

    First, here’s copying the comments you left over on my blog so people can understand where I’m coming from:-

    “GoldenRockProductions said…

    (Note: I need to proofread my entries more closely)

    I love the Monty Python films, so yes, I certainly would think that it’s a good thing that McDull the Alumni is Hong Kong’s answer to the Monty Python films (although judging from its box office take and critical response, it might not be a good thing to HK-ers)

    Thanks for posting a top ten list when circumstances caused me to not be able to make one =)

    February 26, 2007 6:18:00 PM MYT”

    To which my response is: You’re welcome and thanks for the clarification.

    Next, if you don’t mind my pointing out a Blogger function for you (since I think you’re new to it): If you go to the Comments Setting section, you’ll see that there’s a Comment Notification option. If you enable it (like I have on my blog), you’ll be sent a notification whenever *and* wherever someone posts a comment on your blog.

    As such, please don’t worry about your comments not being noticed or read whenever you post comments on my blog. Put another way: No need to comment on the very latest entry about something that actually pertains to an earlier one! And this especially as it’d make more sense for other visitors for the comments to be in on the pertinent — rather than what may end up being seen as a random — thread! ;S

  3. GoldenRockProductions Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m not big on commenting, and I’m new to Blogger, so I need to get a little more used to how things work here.

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