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The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/2/07

Today’s song of the day is a longtime favorite. I used to do it at Karaoke to a bunch of confused and/or bored faces who didn’t (and probably still don’t) know who Jun Kung is. Jun Kung is one of Hong Kong music’s most talented musician, with the reputation of being one hell of a drummer. This was one of the singles from his debut EP, while the version I have on CD features another talented singer Maggie Ko (who has since changed back to her real name Maggie Fu) edited into the second verse. Both these CDs are out of print, and good luck actually finding a Jun Kung solo CD in Hong Kong these days. Anyway, the song is “Love Space”

Why? Because the guitar intro is soulful, the vocals are smooth, the melody is groovy. It was far ahead of its time when it came out in 1999 (at least before Chet Lam brought back acoustic music to HK pop.

If the video doesn’t work (it didn’t work very well on ie, at least), try the live version on for size

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