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Obessions in their heads

Today only comes with a few pieces of news, then part 1 of a two-part pictorial feature:

- Hong Kong does triad election, and Japan has a documentary on a real election. In light of the national election going on Sunday in Japan, the Japanese trailer blog has the trailer for a new documentary on just how a Japanese political campaign is. The movie is Campaign, and the trailer is English subtitled too.

- Two pieces of news from EastSouthWestNorth -

First, more details from the Southern Metropolis Daily about the ban of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Second, Asia’s least-favorite demented fan family returns to Hong Kong under the guise of taking the father’s body back home, only to go as far as showing up at Andy Lau’s neighborhood and knocking on doors.

That’s it for news today. The rest of the entry goes to this feature:

One of the things I love about going to the movies in Japan is the great promo material they have in the lobby. This is the best way to get moviegoers to be aware of films coming up - since moviegoers show up early to the theaters anyway, they put flyers for new movies at the lobby that include an introduction of the film so people can read them before the movie starts. For memorabilia freaks like me, this means I get free movie posters. So this feature would be some of the posters that I got from Japan.

Part 1: 2004-2005 - study abroad period.

Batman Begins

I still don’t know to this day why I only have one of these.

This poster for Zhang Yimou’s House of Flying Daggers is actually classier than the film itself. The big Chinese letter in the background is the third letter to Zhang Yimou’s name in Chinese characters.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle

The teaser poster for Spielberg’s War of the Worlds

Initial D teaser poster.

The Suspect Muroi Shinji, the second Bayside Shakedown theatrical spin-off film. Black apparently means guilty in Japanese culture.

This is my favorite poster, which I only have one of. I like the other side (bottom) better.

Naturally, I have a ton of this one.

This is the second promo poster for Kung-Fu Hustle

This is the teaser poster.

My only regret from that year is that I only have one or two of most posters when I could’ve grabbed 5 (just in case), despite the request on the rack for people to get only one. Lucky for me that request is never enforced. For my most recent trip, I went with that lesson in mind. But that’s for part 2, coming when I run out of news again.

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