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The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/10/07

Today’s song of the day was inspired by the 5th track of this album. A comment from yesterday predicted that Justin Lo, a protege of Hong Kong’s notorious Mark Lui, maybe become a new version of the man. Fate would have it that a Hong Kong radio show I was listening to played the previously mentioned Justin Lo track, and I realized the intro is ripped off from today’s song of the day. While the melody doesn’t resemble the song of the day at all, someone (maybe arranger Ted Lo) over there must like Jamiroquai enough to rip the intro from them and put it in the Justin Lo track. From A Funk Odyssey, it’s Jamiroquai’s Corner of the Earth.

Why? Because Jamiroquai rarely goes into bossa nova territory. Plus, I found it funny that Ted Lo even transported the out-of-place hindi-opening to the Justin Lo track. Even without me finding about the copy job by Lo’s team, I would’ve used this song some other day anyway.

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