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The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/16/07

“1960 April 16th, one minute before 3 pm, we were together. I’ll remember that minute because of you. We’re one-minute friends from now on. This is fact, you can’t deny it because it’s already past.”—-Days of Being Wild.

Originally appeared on 1992’s The Legend of Pop Queen Part II album, but now only available on compilations such as this one, today’s song of the day is inspired by Wong Kar-Wai’s Days of Being Wild. The line above is probably my favorite moment in Wong Kar-Wai film history. That’s why today’s song of the day is the film’s theme song by Anita Mui - “It’s Like This”

Why? It’s one of my favorite moments from one of my favorite movies. This should make this one of my favorite songs. Even if it’s not, it’s awfully fitting for the film, isn’t it?

Here’s a Mandarin cover done by Leslie Cheung, with the famous moment right at the very end.

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