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The Golden Rock song of the day - 4/17/07

I believe today’s song was chosen by fate. Last night I caught a broadcast of the classic film Saturday Night Fever. I’ve never seen the whole thing in its entirety (honestly, it didn’t even look like that good of a movie), but any film fan has probably seen at least parts of it because of the soundtrack. I watched the opening 20 minutes, and I heard today’s song when I manage to catch the last 20 minutes. And then this morning at the dentist, I heard the song again playing on the radio at the clinic. That’s when I knew the Bee Gees were calling out to me. You may call me silly, but I can’t escape fate. So from the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, it’s “How Deep is Your Love”

Why? Because John Travolta emoted to this song at the end of the movie!

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