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The Golden Rock Box Office Report - 10/10/07

- The Japan box office numbers are out, but there are no standings, and the “pure love” film The Sign of Love (from the two songs by the group Dreams Come True) only got into the admissions ranking. As a result, I wouldn’t call it the most accurate ranking. Still, you can find out that Hero is still on top (and showing little sign of slowing down), and Pan’s Labyrinth had an OK opening on a 28-screen limited release.

- A quick rundown on the Hong Kong mid-week numbers: Lust, Caution made another HK$1.04 million from 60 screens for a total of HK$24.61 million. Resident Evil 3 made HK$530,000 from 36 screens for a 6-day total of HK$6.37 million. Oxide Pang’s The Detective is slowing down with just HK$140,000 from 28 screens for just HK$4.79 million after 13 days (yes, I did pay to see this as well. More on an entry on the spin-off later). There’s no real wide releases this weekend, which means it’ll be Lust, Caution on the top of the charts on Friday again.

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