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The Golden Rock Box Office Report - 12/4/07

- The Japanese box office numbers came in from Box Office Mojo. Despite Always 2 and Koizora dropping around 30% each, it managed to hang on to first and second place. However, Beowulf did get the best per-screen average out of the top 10, despite opening at just third place. Midnight Eagle, which lost 66% of its business from last weekend after losing one screen to be at 100th place this weekend, lost only 30% of its opening weekend business in its second weekend for a 2-weekend total of 387 million yen. Sadly, the action thriller will not be hitting the 1 billion yen mark.

- As reported in Korea Pop Wars, it was indeed a rather slow weekend in Korea. To everyone’s surprise, the Hollywood film August Rush, which was co-produced by Korea’s CJ Entertainment, opened at number 1 (unlike in North America, where it stayed at 7th place for 2 weeks in a row). Lust, Caution has managed to see it admissions grow to 1.3 million now and may hit 1.5 million. If it becomes a hit in Japan, then Ang Lee’s film would officially have conquered all of Asia’s major moviegoing regions.

In a related note, Lust, Caution finally lost its number one spot in China after 4 weeks at the top.

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