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The Golden Rock - May 3rd, 2008 Edition

- It’s reviews time! From Japan Times’ Mark Schilling is his take on the Japanese teen film Sands’ Chronicle (Sunadokei). From Hollywood Reporter’s Neil Young is his review of the Korean horror film Black House. Lastly, there are two reviews of The Wachowski Brothers’ Speed Racer, which is mentioned in this blog because it features Korean superstar Rain: Variety has a review by Todd McCarthy, while Hollywood Reporter has a review by Kirk Honeycutt.

- Screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, who has written classic Japanese dramas such as Long Vacation and Beautiful Life (Long Vacation being one of my favorites), is making her directorial debut under producer Shunji Iwai, one of my favorite directors. If this was shot last October, then why isn’t it opening until Spring next year? Anyway, I’ll be keeping this one in my sights.

- Indian government censors in 2007 managed to clear the highest number of films without cuts in recent years, with only 11 films out of over 1,500 ending up being banned. The number of films requiring cuts also reduced significantly. China, on the other hand…

One Response to “The Golden Rock - May 3rd, 2008 Edition”

  1. 1minutefilmreview Says:

    Loved Shunji Iwai and all his films, truly amazing. We hope Eriko can stand out under the guidance from Shunji.

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