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Archive for the ‘Podcast’ Category

The Golden Rock Podcast - 7/16/2007

It’s a little late, but it’s here. Except I forgot to continue the Winners and Losers of the Week. Oh well, at least it’s shorter.

The Third Golden Rock Podcast - 7/16/2007. (right click—>save as. 96 kbps MP3. 10.3 mb. 14:20)

This week’s theme song - Edison Chen - TP Won!!!!!!

On the Podcast this week:

Verbal review: Transformers

Hong Kong Summer films, part 2 - This summer sucks

Future goals of Asian films - remake and foreign distribution?

Does the sales of advance tickets in Japan affect studio guesstimates?

Thanks again to everyone’s comments, and enjoy.

The Golden Rock Podcast - 7/8/2007

Not only is this the second official Golden Rock weekly podcast, it also happens to be the 300th entry of this here blog. Then again, I post so much that I can hardly feel any excitement for these -00 th marks anymore…at least until the 500th. One thing to celebrate is that I managed to make it shorter!

The Second Golden Rock Podcast - 7/8/2007 (right-click—>save as. 96kbps MP3. 17.4mb. 24:08)

Theme Song this week: Elisabeth Anais - We’re All in the Dance.

On the Podcast this week:

- Verbal review: Eric Kot’s Superfans

- Korean films - what happened?

- Country with the worst moviegoing audience?

- Japan milking everything out of one novel.

- Japanese indie films - how well do they do financially?

- New feature - LOSERS and WINNERS of the week.

Please do enjoy, and remember to leave some input in the comment section or through e-mail. And thanks for listening.

The Golden Rock Podcast - 7/1/2007

It was a little late (due to technical difficulties yet again), but here it is:

The first official Golden Rock Podcast (right click –> save as; 96Kbps MP3; 25.4 mb; 35:18)

Theme song this week: Shiina Ringo - Gamble

On the podcast this week:

- Hong Kong films after the Handover

- Hong Kong Summer movies

- Korea as a major box office force in Asia?

- Disappointing Japanese drama season - why?

- Follow-up on Andy Lau vs. CCTV vs. Chinese Netizens

- Kill Bill sequels/spin-offs

- Nipplegate (Yumiko Cheng)

Please do enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment or two or email me some feedback.

And thanks for the comments for the last Podcast!!!

The Golden Rock Podcast - 6/25/07

You can definitely hear a few audio flubs, and the uploading process took forever, but here it is finally:

The First Golden Rock Podcast - (right-click, save as. 5.38mb, 7:50, 96kbps).

Now I can finally get to today’s entry. Copyright © 2002-2023 Ross Chen