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Archive for April, 2010

Arnold meets LGM

Enjoying myself here in Udine at the Far East Film Festial, but have neglected a lot at the website and blog. I don’t think I ever published my Top 20 Hong Kong movies of the 90s, so that ancient poll still isn’t done. I also have laundry to do so life is full of troubles.

The evil ash cloud has prevented many a filmmaker from attending, but a host of people have shown up, including Chapman To, directors Derek Kwok and Clement Cheng, Pang Ho-Cheung, and also Patrick Lung Kong, the focus of the main retrospective. Saw a lot, and may write some, but it’ll have to be after I clear my main backlog of reviews.

Anyway, met Derek Kwok and he’s a big fan of Hong Kong action figure manufacturer HOT TOYS. He even brought along the new TERMINATOR 2  Movie Masterpiece 1/6th scale action figure and is snapping photos. I added my own toy and we got a crossover going:

Arnold LGM
LGM enjoys the feel of Ah-nuld’s hair beneath his toes

I’m doing work here for YesAsia plus LoveHKFilm, but the Udine Far East Film Festival is also largely a holiday for me. No real pressure, I can talk to directors or actors during lunches or while lounging around, and the staff is always exceptionally helpful. I sincerely doubt I would ever enjoy Cannes or other high pressure film fests. Hell, the HKIFF always threatens to make me sick. In Udine, I can just be and you can’t really put a price on that.

See you in a few.

Top 100 of the Nineties Postmortem - Full list plus random notes

NOTE: If you’re just staring to read this Top 100 list, please go back to the very beginning to experience it from #100. Starting here will spoil the fun, plus result in the death of kittens.

On the list of things that I should be doing at this very minute, putting up a complete list of our recent Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Nineties is not one of them. But it’s been nearly two weeks since the results went out so I figured I should finally get to it.

These guys were happy with the results:

Wong Kar Wai and Tony Leung
“We have triumphed again, Tony.
Wilson and Donnie have nothing on us!”

Can’t wait for the scene in Wong Kar-Wai’s IP MAN where Ip Man kicks ass and then smokes in slow motion for about half-an-hour.

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