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Archive for the ‘Michael Wong’ Category

Stone Wong is multi-talented

By popular demand, I am now posting a photo of Michael Wong playing the accordion in his second ad for HSBC. Not even death can stop Stone Wong.

He’s artistic and whimsical
In The Newer Option, Stone Wong uses
his accordion to
lull terrorists into submission.

The magic of mobile phone technology made this possible. Frankly, I completely forgot that this photo was taken, thereby proving the existence of Edison Chen Syndrome™, where you get so used to your technology that you take it for granted. In my case, I simply forgot that this photo existed. In Edison’s case, he forgot that someone could violate his encrypted pink Macbook and subsequently destroy the Hong Kong Entertainment industry.

Damn you, Edison!
“Dammit, Edison! Don’t you remember the basic rule of technology?
Never let anyone touch your equipment! Especially girls!”

Let this be a lesson to us all.

Stone Wong cannot be denied

This is worth sharing:

Michael Wong and his sax
“Mommy, look! Stone Wong can play a musical instrument!”

Even though Michael Wong barely makes films nowadays - his appearance in Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords could qualify as his last memorable screen role - the man is still around. Currently, he’s shilling for HSBC, one of Hong Kong’s two biggest banks, in print ads all over the territory.

This picture is from a magazine, but if you happen by the Tsimshatsui MTR station, you may be able to catch a larger-than-life glimpse of Wong, as this image measures a good fifteen feet high on the MTR walls. There’s also an alternate ad of Wong playing the accordion. No further commentary is necessary.

In other Wong news, you can catch Michael’s brother Russell in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, currently losing screens all over North America.

Your Daily Sign of the Apocalypse

An abundance of text would only distract from the following sight:

Michael Wong sings
Going platinum!

That’s right: Michael Wong sings. Actually, Wong has had his own band for awhile, but never before has he been allowed to bring his work to a wider, international audience. Joining Michael on a couple of tracks are Kelly Chen and Kenny Bee. One shudders to think of the possibilities.

Buy or rubberneck here.

I’m off to buy a lottery ticket because this is the same day we learned that Chow Yun-Fat has been cast in the Dragonball Movie and Lee Byung-Hun is rumored to play Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe Movie. I may also jump off of IFC tonight to see if I have the power to fly like that guy on Heroes. My other option is simply to stay in bed for a week.

Michael Wong in City Hunter (1993)
Buy my album!

UPDATED with YouTube Link!

BTW, my computer currently has no sound, so I still don’t know what this sounds like. However, watching him boogie during the rehearsals gives me the willies. If you check this out you may want to hide your kids first. Copyright © 2002-2024 Ross Chen