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Archive for the ‘Top 50 Movies of the Decade’ Category

Top 50 of the Decade Postmortem - Full list + stats and other stuff

NOTE: If you’re just discovering this list of the Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade, I suggest you head all the way back to the beginning at #50 and read starting from #1. It’s more fun, makes more sense, and will manufacture completely unnecessary suspense. Do it.

On to the regular blog entry:

Following up on December’s vote of LoveHKFilm readers, here’s a full list of the Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade, including the Top 50 (and bonus 2) followed by the 125 films that were voted upon.

Because it would be a massive task to link every single film, I would humbly request that readers do a “copy and paste” of film titles into the LoveHKFilm search box to the left if they wish to read a review. Nearly every film listed here has an accompanying review on the site, except A GAMBLER’S STORY (2001) and DURIAN DURIAN (2000), which were never written because I was lazy during the early Aughts. Or maybe I was drunk. We’ll never know.

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I’m having connectivity problems in my current (non-Hong Kong) location. If/when it ever gets resolved it’s back to funny celeb photos.

The list first, with fun facts and statistics afterwards:


Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade list republished at

Happy New Year! I’m still putting together a full list of titles voted on for the Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade, and it should hopefully be ready soon.

Just an FYI to those who participated: the full list of the Top 52 plus all the write-ups has been republished over at You can find the article over here.

This came about for a number of reasons. For one thing, it makes sense because it might help people who surf YesAsia to find decent titles outside of the usual promoted ones. Also, it’s an easy shortcut if anyone wants to see if certain titles are still available.

More important, however, I do work at YesAsia and they’re the primary reason that I now live in Hong Kong and am able to see first-run Hong Kong movies reasonably soon. They recruited me to work in their Hong Kong office five years back, and much of the site’s progression in the last few years can indirectly be attributed to them.

So, occasionally providing YesAsia with relevant content - like the numerous reviews that get cross-posted over there - seems the least that can do for them. I’m not sure that I’ll share any other Top 50 lists from this site in the future. It definitely won’t happen if we do a poll for the Worst 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade.

Back in a day or so with the full list!

Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade - The Top 3

We’re finally here. The Top 3 films of our reader-selected Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade are listed below. Sorry to drag this thing out an extra day, but I decided to split the Top 3 from the rest of the Top 10 because of the sheer disparity in points and votes between these three films and the rest.

An illustration via nifty statistics: the #4 film KUNG FU HUSTLE had 219 fewer points than the #3 film. 20% of all available points were given to the top three films. Also, the top three films received 45% of all first-place votes. Most shocking of all, Johnnie To has nothing to do with any of them.

In case you’re new and want to read up on the previous 47 films, you can do so here:
Numbers 50-41
Numbers 40-31
Numbers 30-21
Numbers 20-11
Numbers 10-4

Oh, and sorry for the post with the fake Top 3. Actually, I kind of like PLAYBOY COPS.

Let’s get this over with:


The Best 3 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade

UPDATE: Sorry, this is fake. Our clock is set four months ahead and we thought it was April 1st. Feel free to skip this blog entry and read the other ones. Our apologies to Stephen Chow. And Jay Chou. And also Obama.

And here are the Best 3 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade, presented early for your pleasure and/or annoyance.

Here we go:


Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade - Numbers 10-4

We’re getting there. Numbers 10 through 4 of our LoveHKFilm reader-appointed Top 10 Hong Kong Films of the decade list can be found after the jump. Are there any more Johnnie To movies left to add to this list? The man made 23 films during the Aughts and 14 remain unaccounted for, so the 10 slots left are not enough for them all. I guess that means no love for LINGER.

Previous updates:
Numbers 50-41
Numbers 40-31
Numbers 30-21
Numbers 20-11

Let’s get to it:


Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade - Numbers 20-11

Today we’re counting down numbers 20 through 11 on our Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade list, as determined by’s readers. If you’re getting tired of this, raise your hand. No matter, we’re pressing forward.

Previous updates:
Numbers 50-41
Numbers 40-31
Numbers 30-21

Also, we’re going to start hiding the results so any latecomers don’t start reading the last results first. If you’re just tuning in, you can check out the earlier posts first, thereby reading the countdown the way it was meant to be read.

Or, you can read this post first and ruin it for yourselves. You can find numbers 11-20 after the jump!


Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade - Numbers 30-21

Another day, another slew of reader-selected Hong Kong films, as we count down towards the #1 Hong Kong Film of the Decade. Our last update, which featured numbers 40-31, ranked MY WIFE IS 18 at #35, so that obviously cannot be the #1 film. We’re all heartbroken over here.

Previous updates:
Numbers 50-41
Numbers 40-31

Today, it’s numbers 30 through 21, starting with:


Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade - Numbers 40-31

Continuing our coverage of the reader-decided Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade, here’s numbers 40-31. Click here to see numbers 50-41. Yesterday, we dealt with the revelation that THE EYE and LOVE UNDERCOVER pretty much got nixed from the Top 50.

Even scarier, MY WIFE IS 18 ranks higher than HOOKED ON YOU and ISABELLA. By the way, it has yet to appear on this Top 50 list. Will MY WIFE IS 18 make it past #30? Scroll down and you’ll know.

Moving on:


Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade - Numbers 50-41, plus 2 bonus films!

We asked and you answered.’s readers voted to decide this list of the Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade, and response was far better than expected. My original hope was that 100 readers would vote, but we ended up with over 150 responses! This represents the first time that this site has done such a large vote, and we had so much fun that we may choose to do it again.

Originally I was going to start this countdown on Monday, December 28th, but I’ll need at least six days to countdown the whole list, and on Saturday, January 2nd I’ll be on a plane. So I jumped the gun and started today, with a countdown of numbers 50-41 on our Top 50 list. We’ll announce 10 more each day until we hit #10, after which we’ll split the Top 10 into two posts. Once this whole thing is done, I’ll put up a list of all the films that were voted on. Then we can sleep.

Also, there’s a Bonus #51 and 52 listed here, because one reader sent in a late vote that would have altered the last couple of slots. The two films that could have crashed the list are actually (in my opinion) two key films of the Aughts, so I wanted to include them anyway. Webmaster’s prerogative.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! Let’s get started:


25 Top Hong Kong Films of the Decade — now with 50 films

Voting for the Top 25 Hong Kong Films of the Decade ends this Friday, and response has been good. I was hoping to get 100 respondents and we’re getting there - no small feat for a dinky blog/site like this one.

“Your website is so small,
that I could easily crush it with my left hand.”

The best thing about the votes so far is that the films have been so diverse that I can expand this list to a Top 50. Hopefully, a Top 50 would help people discover more key films of the ‘aughts than this site’s up-and-down reviews do. Also, a Top 50 allows for lots of films aside from the “usual suspects” to make the list - if you get my meaning.

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